100 Best PLR Sites To Inspire Your Contents

100 Best PLR Sites To Inspire Your Next Contents

It’s been a while now since I last wrote my piece about the best PLR Sites to augment or inspire your next contents. I’ll be updating the list here in a while but here’s a 65-sec. peek of what a PLR can mean for your web business.

Today, more than 20% of the list either have broken links, have ceased operating for whatever reason (i.e. All Star PLR.com, E-book Emporium.us), have low ranks (ex. PLR Arsenal with 24M+ rank in Alexa), with security warnings (like VideopLR.org) or transferred to new domains (like Content Shortcuts which used to be operating at www.netplr.com and ).

Some of the sites that were in my list then but have broken links now are:

  1. PLR Products.xyz
  2. Niche-Content-Packages.com
  3. PLR Ebook Club.com
  4. New PLR Products.com
  5. Top Niche PLR.com
  6. PLR.me
  7. PLRPro.com
  8. Master Resale Rights Download.com
  9. Top PLR Products.com


What is a PLR Site?

Before I go to the list, I’d like to give particular consideration to those of you who have yet to know what a PLR site is and its corresponding importance to a web business.

A PLR Site explained simplyA PLR site is a site that provides Private Label Rights contents in the form of articles, e-books, software, videos, audios, Full Turn Key sites, Royalty-free music and even whiteboard animation videos. That means you can reuse the PLR products to produce a fresh new one.

You can even use them as they are especially if it’s stated in the license that you can do anything with them (I wouldn’t advise this though since it’s still best to put a little touch of yourself if you can’t go 100% unique).

Most of them though are membership sites. The Free membership is normally limited and the Premium memberships (some call them Gold, Platinum, etc.), give you an unlimited access to download any of their PLR products.

Regardless of which niche you’re in, you can take advantage of some of the PLR sites by downloading, say ebooks, as your lead magnet (free content in exchange of email details). You can also rehash or draw inspirations from older PLR ebooks or articles to create great videos, podcasts, ebooks or posts. Others would also make use of the PLR products as part of their auto responder messages.

There are a hundred and one ways to make use of PLR sites. You just have to be creative but careful at the same time as there are wishy-washy types of  PLR contents. Thus, it pays to have this kind of list as you don’t have to go out and search around just to be lost somewhere.


Why Come Up With the Best PLR Sites List?

To those of you who’ve found this site without finding my previous list of PLR sites first, it’s ok. It looks similar but this updated version is considerably much better.

You may be wondering why I’m kind of fond of doing this.

When I was looking for inspirations to create contents, I’d normally look for the best PLR sites and purchase a few PLR packages.

However, not all PLR sites were created equal. Some had so much garbages in them. Some were too sales-driven. And some were too outdated. What was particularly tiring was that there was no single site that would point me where to scout for a good PLR site.

Thus, as early as 2011, I created a simple list (which was then updated in 2015 but in a different domain). But since probably not many are interested to create a PLR list, I still haven’t seen a site today with a similar list.

Best PLR Sites lone criteria - ALEXAEven if my criteria is just Alexa, coming up with the list is not as easy as some of you might think. It does take time and visiting each PLR site to ensure that they can give valuable information to you, who are looking for great contents and inspirations, is a gruelling experience as well.

Thus, admittedly, this particular post didn’t happen in just one sitting.

With the nature of my day job, I have to find some extra time to produce this information for you. At least, you can have a much easier experience in searching for the best possible content for your particular niche.

Without dragging any further…


Here’s The List of 100 Best PLR Sites Today

Rank PLR Site Alexa Global Rank Header/Slogan/Remarks
1 IDPLR 39,317 Instant Access to 8280 PLR Products which You Can Resell And Keep 100% Of The Profits!
2 Resell Rights Weekly 41,772 Download New PLR & Resale rights Products Weekly for FREE!
3 Master Resale Rights 77,866 Rebrandable ebooks, articles, videos and more…
4 Unstoppable PLR 81,200 Discover 3 Proven Tactics To Profit Immediately From Private Label Products
5 PLR PLR 122,810 100,000’s of totally free PLR Articles
6 Sure Fire Wealth 137,110 Knowledge is power
7 Exclusive Niches 138,265 No applicable slogan related to PLR
8 PLR Assassin 151,807 Eradicating the competition one by one.
9 All Private Label Content 169,170 Delivering the Content You Need…without the Fluff…Since 2006
10 Coach Glue 193,484 We Make Your Clients Stick To You
11 PLR Private Label Rights 198,173 PLR Ebooks PLR Articles FREE PLR Software
12 Big Content Search 202,095 Discover How To Get Access To Unlimited Content, Create Hundreds of Niche Websites Easily, Generate Tons of FREE Traffic and Watch Money Flood Your PayPal Account
13 Master Resell Rights 205,380 Learn, edit and sell RR, MRR and PLR Every Week
14 Big Product Store 209,191 The Jumbo E-digital Products Catalog
15 Indigital Works 232,470 Number 1 PLR Membership since 2008
16 Download PLR Products 237,386 Now Over 3000 PLR / MRR Products & Growing Daily
17 PLR.me 241,064 No applicable slogan related to PLR
18 PLR Pump 249,187 Content Your Readers Can’t Resist
19 PLR Products 264,920 1000’s of Resell Rights eBooks, Articles, Software, Videos and More
20 Premade Niches 270,037 Ready Made Niche Sites and Blogs
21 DIY PLR 284,222 What Your Readers Want Step By Step
22 Best Quality PLR 287,641 Best Quality PLR offers full, ready-for-market PLR products that are changing people’s expectations of what “good” PLR really is.
23 Content Shortcuts 289,319 Done-for-you content and Smart Marketing Tips
24 IM Guru PLR 299,898 NA
25 Easy PLR 302,015 Quality PLR Reports and Article Packs
26 The PLR Store 327,533 Private Label Rights and PLR Products from the PLR Store
27 Best Fitness PLR 352,082 Ready-Made Licensed Content To Grow Your Business
28 PLR Mini Mart 355,491 High Quality PLR Content from Ghostwriter to the Gurus
29 Viral PLR 418,274 A powerful system that integrates information products with list building technology
30 Master Resale Rights 454,676 Download Once, Sell For Life
31 PLR Ebook Club 494,420 The worlds’ largest Private Label Rights Content provider
32 PLR Monthly 506,205 The Ultimate in Top Quality Private Label Content
33 Timpa PLR 507,171 Top-notch PLR articles that fit your needs and budget
34 Nitro Wealth 517,812 Build Your Online Empire With A Brand New Private Label Product You Can Resell Each Month
35 PLR Producers 538,343 One of the best PLR providers for Amazon Affiliates
36 Super Resell 609,267 No. 1Resell Rights, PLR, MRR Membership Site
37 PLR MRR Products 625,029 Buy PLR MRR Products Through Membership Or Direct Purchase
38 Best Deal PLR 664,011 PLR & MRR Products Through Membership or Direct Purchase
39 One Buck Ebook 669,207 Private Label Rights (PLR), Master Resell Rights (MRR) products, starting from $1 only.
40 PLR Mines 692,291 Your one stop source for PLR Products
41 Get This PLR 733,149 NA
42 PLR Wholesaler 767,361 Gain FREE Lifetime Access To This Huge, Ever-Growing Package Of TOP QUALITY Private Label Rights Products!
43 Platinum Resell Rights 884,981 Start Selling Your Own Line Of Video Products Today Without Ever Creating A Product Yourself!”
44 Article Underground 1,098,731 Article Underground PLR Articles have never been priced better than this!
45 PLR Kickstart 1,162,492 We create Ready-For Market PLR Products
46 Swift Plublishing 1,203,694 Premium PLR and MRR Products
47 Content Clubs 1,207,178 Get All The Toy Review Content You Need for Less Than The Cost Of A Single Ghostwritten Review
48 Buy Health PLR 1,223,616 NA
49 PLR Content Marketing 1,262,166 Tips and Resources for Marketing with Private Label Rights Content
50 Graphics PLR Blowout 1,415,020 Grab an exclusive PLR To An Award-Winning Monstrous Graphic Product
51 Special Report Club 1,490,733 Finding & Landing Clients for Your Virtual Professional Business!
52 PLR 365 1,524,301 Exclusive Private Labl;e Rights and MRR Membership Site
53 Internet Wealth 1,564,102 Ready Made Internet Business and Bonuses… Just for You!
54 PLR Article Sale 1,653,464 Cheap and Quality PLR Articles for your Business Promotion
55 New Social Click 1,817,339 Who Else Wants To Grab The No Restriction Private Label Rights To 15000 Top-Shelf Articles That You Can Instantly Turn Around and Sell
56 PLR Nook 1,820,987 High Quality PLR Content Written By Native English Speakers
57 MLM PLR Store 1,821,095 Content Just Got Easier
58 PLR Publication 1,897,842 #1 Quality Content Source Ever
59 Xplore ebooks 1,910,196 eBooks store with Master Resell and Private Label Rights
60 2nd Income Solutions 1,914,882 Your best resources for internet success
61 Wow Content Club 1,930,323 The Earths’ Largest, Most Innovative Collection of Quality PLR content
62 Yummy PLR 2,067,815 Attention Food Bloggers. Would you like to make blogging fun again and more profitable than ever?
63 The PLR Mart 2,428,723 Resell ebooks for profit
64 PLR Dealer 2,493,798 Are You Getting Sick Of Junk PLR Products?
65 PLR Stop 2,924,560 Your One Stop PLR Shop
66 Flamillion PLR Products 2,986,056 “Who Else Wants To Grab These Profit-Pulling PLR Article Packs In Insanely Popular Niches?”
67 Profit From PLR 3,167,989 All You Need To Know About Profitting from PLR
68 Kitchen PLR 3,236,068 Feed Your Blog
69 PLR Niche Club 3,308,918 High-Octane Niche PLR Delivered Monthly
70 PLR Alacarte 3,435,737 Customizabe content for business owners
71 Niche Revolution 3,510,356 Changing the face of niche marketing
72 PLR Health Wizard 3,781,342 You are Losing Precious Hours Every Day When You Work “IN” Your Business and Not “ON” Your Business
73 Info Go Round 4,003,974 The King of Content
74 My Resell Rights Products 4,087,666 NA
75 Ebook Store Books 4,100,695 For the love of PLR ebooks, more PLR ebooks and even more PLR ebooks
76 PLR Sales Central 4,461,409 Your One Stop Shop For New PLR, Discounts, Coupons and Deals
77 Money 2K 4,468,174 Your Source for Resell Rights Products On the Internet
78 Tasty PLR 4,704,763 Tasty PLR
79 PLR Stuff 4,868,742 8000+ PLR and MRR Products with Full Resell Rights & Unlimited Access & Downloads
80 E-Sale Store 5,467,059 Ebooks, software, graphics, templates, articles, audios…and more!
81 Simply PLR 5,834,406 Save thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours when we give you full Private Label Rights To Use Our Content & Software as Your Own
82 PLR Mega Mart 6,638,202 Grab it. Resell it. Profit 100%.
83 Magazine PLR 6,754,676 Private Label Rights Magazine
84 Green PLR 7,057,914 High Quality PLR Content for Your Business
85 PLR Titan 7,503,252 The Complete PLR Resource
86 PLR Health Wizard  7,519,039 Reduce your costs and attract more customers
87 IM PLR Guides 8,147,327 Limited Reports, Tutorials, Articles and more…
88 Mainstream Ventures 8,422,658 Become A Member Of Kate Anderson’s Private Label Newsletter
89 Net Marketing 365 8,550,469 Health  plr articles & health private label rights
90 Top Niche PLR 8,626,824 Premium PLR Articles on Popular Niche Topics
91 PLR Article Writer 10,085,900 High quality PLR content and graphics at great prices
92 New PLR Products 10,458,127 You can resell and keep 100% of the profit
93 PLR Express 10,948,769 Original Licensed content
94 Natural Mom PLR 11,460,895 Finally You Can Tap Into The Ever Growing “Natural Mom” Market…And We Have Done Most Of The Work For You!
95 Product Creation Pro 11,551,303 Delivering YOU Centric Services
96 Find PLR Articles 12,900,942 Find the best PLR Packages on the web
97 5 Star PLR 13,088,754 No applicable slogan related to PLR
98 Reliable PLR 13,562,582 Niche private label rights article packs with limited licenses
99 Keystone PLR 14,588,627 Polished and Professional
100 Niche In A Box 14,672,216 You’re About To Find Out The Real Secrets That Most Marketers Will Never Ever Know About Niche Marketing and Traffic Generation…FOR FREE


There you have it!

I will update this list as regularly as possible as many of them might again effect some changes or be bumped off by newer quality content providers.

If that’d happen though, that’s much better for the end users – YOU!

That would mean more and more will be filtered, thus producing the best PLR sites year on year.

Actually you don’t need 100 sites to gather the best PLR contents. Nevertheless, it’ll make your life easier compared to searching them one by one.

Consider this as a one-stop shop for you.


Have I Tried Any Of Them?

Probably the most popular PLR site today

I’ve been a Gold member of IDPLR.com and has so far used some of their PLR contents (it’s actually closely related to Indigital Works).

For a one-time payment and a lifetime usage, I think it’s a great bargain.

Don’t take my word as it is though. Explore the rest of the list according to your liking. You can even search for the best PLR sites or Private Label Rights sites in parallel. Most likely though, you will have similar results as this list. And if they’re not here, they’re either one of the reasons as I cited in the beginning.

If you can find a PLR site or two that would fit your requirements for articles, plugins, software, ebooks, videos, audios, etc., then stick to them. There should be hundreds of them to draw your inspirations from for your next contents.

And If I miss a PLR site or two that you think should have been included in this list, do drop a comment below.

I’ll definitely pick it up and assess accordingly.

I’ll even rank off some in this list if indeed I missed including them.




  • Raymond says:

    Wow… Your site just opened me to other possibilities of improving content presentations. I still have no clear idea what a PLR is but your article just educated me.
    Your top 100 list is… well, too long for me to know them one by one.
    Glad you recommended one. I will look into this further. I have bookmarked your site, and I hope I could learn more of your specialty.
    Thank you for writing about this.

    • Jojo says:

      You’re welcome Raymond.

      I may have mentioned one PLR site that I’m currently using but there are also a number of them that you can explore. You can be a free member at first and play around with the PLR products. For sure you can make use of those PLR articles into videos, audios, etc.



  • Chris says:

    A lot of people tend to turn thier noses up at plr these days but there is still an awesome use for them ( if you decide to use them correctly! ). For one, building a list by compiling your own ebook is super easy. Just pick a few articles on a subject and glue them together into a ebook format – bingo, something to offer your website visitors!

    • Jojo says:

      Hi Chris!

      I’d agree that there are a lot of garbages in some PLR sites and there are also a number of good stuffs that one can actually draw inspirations from, if not totally, copy.

      If one is just that diligent and laser-focused in finding for PLR materials that can be transformed into a great content, then he can find a gem in some of these PLR sites.

      Thanks for dropping by.


  • Matthew says:

    I have searched in the past for PLR ebooks for my niche. I wasted some time searching information and websites and I did find a few PLR websites – they just either didn’t have relevant PLR ebooks for my niche or it was crap.

    Most of the websites I found were gruesome to search for PLR ebooks. I gave up after searching for a while since I couldn’t find anything worthile.

    Your list is very impressive and long though. But I would say 100 is a way too long list for anyone to go through one by one.

    How did you sort the list? Did you sort them based on which one has the most content, the order you found them or just in a random order?

    • Jojo says:

      Hi Matthew!

      I had the same experience when I was starting to look for contents. As you have observed, some of the PLR sites that you found were producing crap. It’s true.

      That’s why I created this list so one wouldn’t go out and Google each one. I sorted them based on their popularity rating only (through Alexa.com) so as not to complicate things.

      There are actually good places to look for especially in the Top 20-30. They are quite stable and have been there for quite some time now.

      You just have to did deeper as I’m not quite sure if they’re aligned with how you write or sound.



  • Damien Parsons says:

    Outstanding information you have here!
    This has explained what a PLR is for me, but also gave me things to think about.

    There are many ways that PLR’s can be used to grow your online business and the ideas are just bouncing around in my head right now.

    Thanks for compiling the 100 best PLR sites. It really is an inspiration! Cheers!

    • Jojo says:

      Hi Damien!

      You’re welcome! Do let me know if I can further help you.

      I will have a post to follow it up. It’ll be about how to create great contents out of old PLR products. Check it out soon..

      Thanks for dropping by.



  • Lincoln says:

    First, I must say I love the cartoon, avatar type of people on the page. First thing I did was scroll through and to look at all of them 🙂
    I have had a number of questions about PLR options so I appreciate your expertise. Thanks for clearly outlining the use cased and reasons to leverage PLR. I may just look into IDPLR, glad to hear you’ve used the website yourself. It might be helpful to narrow it down a bit, I look at a list of 100 options and get a little overwhelmed. Thanks again!

    • Jojo says:

      Hi LIncoln!

      I understand. It’s a bit overwhelming to look at 100 sites. That’s why I mentioned IDPLR as I’ve been a Gold member of the membership site. It’s not that I copy and paste posts from their articles, but there are good stuffs in them that you can draw inspirations from.

      In my case, I can make use of animated explainers and toons even with their old, cheap PLR products. But I should say you can gather a number of great stuffs especially PLR videos or PLR audios. Even if the licenses don’t allow you to sell them, making use of them personally is already a good buy.

      There may be a hundred best PLR sites listed, but just because there are good and even best stuffs in them.

      I should say you can start looking at the Top 20-30, but you can start with IDPLR and its “cousin” Indigital Works as I’m a bit more familiar of them. They can already eat up your time.

      And thanks for the compliments on my toons. : )



  • Vic says:

    Hi Jojo!
    Honestly, I have heard about PLR but never cared to know what is it all about until i read your article! Thanks for sharing with us how to improve our content and promote it to the next level! And really appreciated your hard-work in compiling 100 Best PLR Sites for our convenience!
    When it’s time for me to use one, I’ll surely come back to your site for more reference.
    Thanks again!

    • Jojo says:

      Hi Vic!

      You’re welcome. Although I could also honestly say that not all contents in PLR sites are great, in fact some are pure garbage, there are good still stuffs especially videos and audios, that you can make use of.

      For example, in IDPLR, you can have a plugin for WordPress where you can create a Sales page. So if you’re planning to sell your own product in the future, make use of that Sales page in your own website. It’ll be a totally new page without the usual blog page (sidebars, headers, ads, etc.) to sell you stuffs.

      Do come back for more. I’ll be coming up with How to create great contents out of cheap PLR products soon.



  • Kaz says:

    Hello Jojo,
    I’m trying to find areas that you require comments to promote discussion but I am having a very hard time as your website is pretty damn good! You’ve got a great content, it flows well and also very relevant images. I love the custom image you’ve also included with respect to Powtoon. Lastly, i am very amazed at how quickly you’ve managed to put all of this together.
    Keep up the excellent work buddy!
    Kind Regards,

    • Jojo says:

      Hi Kaz!

      Thank you for complimenting my works here. I should admit there’s a bit of time involved in producing each article, thus, I can’t even keep up with once-a-week frequency. Nevertheless, I’m trying to come up with at least 5 quality articles a month including not so lengthy ones.

      I’ll keep on doing this as I think it breaks the boredom in reading long posts.

      Again, thanks a lot. You even managed to take a look at my other stuffs.

      By the way, I’ve just published Long Tail Pro vs Jaaxy today at http://toonblogger.com/9-comparisons-on-long-tail-…. You may wanna check it out as well.




  • Kaz says:

    Go through your webpage is very nostalgic for me as I loved comics as I little kid. With respect to your tool review, Powtoon, is it possible if you could do a “How to” or maybe “Tutorial” video to show people how easy it is to use? What are your thoughts?
    Keep up the awesome work!

    • Jojo says:

      Hi Kaz!

      Tutorials are part of my roadmap and Powtoon is on top of the list. However, since it’s quite challenging time-wise, it may take a few weeks to do that.

      I’ll keep you posted.

      Again, thanks for your warm words.


      Thanks again

  • leo says:

    i’ve been using these guys for a while now, they have a lot of free bonuses as well http://www.privatelabelresellrights.net/

  • Nicola says:

    Over 12GB FREE PLR & MRR products for download: http://plr-mega-pack.com/free-download

    Over 25GB PLR products: http://plr-mega-pack.com

    Great PLR site: http://digital-products-pro.com

  • Kav says:

    Well done! I have heard of PLR before but haven’t really taken them seriously. Reading this post has changed my mind. I have registered for a trial to see how I can get some inspiration. Thanks for your informative site.

    • Jojo says:

      Hi Kav!

      Happy to know you’ve enjoyed reading stuffs about PLR.

      I hope you’ll get some gold nuggets as you navigate through that membership.



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    • Jojo says:

      I don’t speak French but since the Google translation says it’s about selling PLRs, this should be aligned to what the article is trying to accomplish. Thanks!

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  • T.K. Firoz says:

    I dealt with a few of them and have satisfactory experience except for Exclusive Niches as I think they are scams! The take your money and give you nothing in return and never reply to your messages.

    • Jojo says:

      Hi T.K.

      I hope you’re all well and good. It’s been a while since I visited my blog as I took a sudden long break.

      Keep in touch. I hope you were also able to check a few of these. I’m still using IDPLR for inspirations.


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  • Antony Insuli says:

    Great article.
    Thanks for sharing. I have a ‘lifetime Gold Membership’ at In Digital Works and I have to say the content is really top quality. As part of my membership I have access to literally thousands of e-books, videos, software, templates, graphics and audio. My membership also includes free web hosting, video tutorials, e-cover software, landing pages and PLR articles.

  • Mina says:

    I find the best plr website product for free and unlimited ebook freeplrdownload.com

  • Juliet says:

    Best place to be.. am so much inspired

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  • Top Products says:

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    best plr sites

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