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100 Best Web Hosting Sites: Your Quickest Reference in 2016

If you’re starting a self-hosted blog, you’ll definitely need one or two of the best web hosting services to house your site contents.

Most often than not, if you haven’t chosen one yet, you’d be overwhelmed on which web hosting companies to pick as there are thousands of them claiming to be the best and fastest web hosting site in the market today.


Before you proceed to the list though, check out this clip for a quick peek.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I may receive some forms of commission without additional cost on your part.


Googling “best web hosting companies“, “top rated web hosting companies“, “best web hosting sites” and the like would produce almost the same sets of web hosting providers in the Top 10 or 20.

After all, most of them earned their top ranks and reputations through years of unparalleled service, almost 100% uptime and superb customer support.

If you are starting, don’t confuse yourself with the hosting plans of the web hosting companies. Just pick one that says “shared web hosting“.

As you grow, you can have a VPS (Virual Public Server) hosting that most small businesses choose because of their power and capabilities but without the price of dedicated hosting services. The latter is especially good for those sites with really high level of daily traffic (which you may have one of these days!).

I myself have had tried 3 or 4 other web hosting companies in the past, excluding the FREE hosting services that come as freebies in some of the membership sites.

When I was looking for the best web hosting sites that could affordably accommodate my simple plans as a beginner, it wasn’t that easy for me to decide without jumping from one page to another.

It was rather distracting.

Thus, this reference was born.

There are other reference sites for sure, more authoritative than this probably is, but it wouldn’t be too difficult for you to be overwhelmed from too much information in all at once.

Thus, I’ve come up with this for you to have an initial glimpse.

You can check the first few lines and still come up with the same Top 10 or 20 web hosting providers from other sites giving similar valuable information.

How Did I Come Up With The List?


It’s a simple list that I gathered from about 200 web hosting sites so you can peek on their basic starter plans, the number of days where they’ll give your money back (if you’re not satisfied in any way) and their respective slogans/taglines.

To me, slogans/taglines are created to describe a company in a few short words. Depending on how good or bad they came up with theirs, you can instantly assess what they can do for you.

If they were not readily available, I looked at their About page and took some lines that would best describe them.

I also excluded those that couldn’t be translated in English regardless of their global rank as you might also find it difficult to decode.

Finally, I took their Alexa rankings so you’ll know how popular they are in the market today. I’ve included only those that are 999,999 or less and ranked them starting with the lowest figure – the most popular!

So as not to prolong your excitement further, let me share with you my 100 best web hosting sites as of November 2016.

100 Best Web Hosting Sites of 2016

 Rank Web Hosting Sites Basic Starter Plan Money-Back Guarantee Alexa Rank Slogan/About
1 Go Daddy Hosting $3.99 15 days 118 Hosting that grows with your business
2 Hostgator $4.86 45 days 1,019 Web hosting made easy and affordable
3 Bluehost $3.95 30 days 1,021 The best web hosting
4 1 and 1 $0.99 30 days 1,385 Secure hosting services for your website
5 One.com $0.00 30 days 1,617 Create anything. Show Everyone.
6 Namecheap $0.82 14 days 1,944 Namecheap believes in your right to put your ideas online. 
7 InMotion Hosting $3.49 90 days 2,122 A web hosting company that stands by you.
8 WP Engine $29.00 30 days 2,244 WordPress hosting, perfected.
9 Siteground $3.95 30 days 2,719 Web hosting crafted with care
10 iPage $1.99 Anytime 3,160 A leader in web hosting since 1998
11 Name $4.99 30 days 3,833 Provides the best web hosting plan possible to suit your individual needs
12 Linode Web Hosting $10.00 7 days 4,871 Cloud hosting for Your Ideas. Cloud Hosting for you.
13 Dream Host $6.00 97 days 5,192 Award-winning Web and WordPress hosting.
14 Network Solutions $9.96 30 days 6,468 Secure & reliable hosting for your domain.
15 Media Temple $20.00 30 days 6,945 We’ve got the perfect hosting plan for your next site, app, platform, or blog.
16 Just Host $2.95 Anytime 7,466 Affordable web hosting made easy.
17 1-2-3 Reg Web Hosting £2.49 30 days 7,701 Whatever your ambition we make it happen online. Easy. Simple. Clear.
18 Host Monster $2.95 30 days 8,439 Superior support. Powerful hosting.
19 Liquid Web Hosting $14.95 30 days 8,552 A Leader in Managed Hosting Since 1997
20 A2 Hosting $3.92 Anytime 10,590 Our speed, your success
21 Arvixe Web Hosting $4.00 60 days 11,266 Superior Web Hosting
22 Ehost $2.75 45 days 12,094 Everything you will EVER need to host and manage your website!
23 Web.com $5.95 30 days 13,380 Web Hosting that’s Fast and Reliable
24 Fat Cow $4.08 30 days 14,888 Udderly Fantastic Web Hosting
25 InterServer $5.00 30 days 17,597 Affordable Unlimited Web Hosting
26 Hawk Host $2.24 30 days 19,017 Awesome Prices On World Class Hosting
27 Site 5 $4.95 45 days 20,026 Built For Designers and Developers
28 Hosting Raja $0.02 30 days 22,975 No. 1 Web Hosting Company
29 IFastNet $3.99 7 days 23,435 Web Hosting, Domain Registration, Dedicated Server, VPS Server
30 Web Hosting Hub $4.99 90 days 23,912 Best Website Hosting. Simple. Scalable. Secure.
31 Cloudways $5.00 30 days 25,218 Managed Cloud Hosting For Everyone
32 Smarter ASP $2.95 60 days 26,648 Professional ASP.NET hosting with unlimited space and bandwidth and email
33 Contabo €2.99 30 days 30,601 Cheap webspace hosting
34 Green Geeks $3.96 30 days 31,454 Web hosting that grows with you
35 IX Webhosting $3.95 30 days 32,006 Web hosting that grows with you.
36 Fast Comet $2.95 45 days 34,660 Stunning Cloud Hosting With 24/7 Support For You.
37 Host 1 Plus $3.00 14 days 35,294 Driven By Developers
38 Planet Hoster $6.71 NA 36,290 Host Your World
39 HostWinds $4.50 60 days 36,460 Enterprise Solutions, Small Business Prices
40 A Small Orange Web Hosting $2.92 90 days 36,674 Homegrown hosting
41 Tmd Hosting $2.85 60 days 37,305 The Most Dedicated
42 Stable Host $4.95 45 days 37,780 The More Affordable Approach to stable web hosting solutions
43 Fozzy $3.90 30 days 39,221 The Fastest Shared Hosting
44 Knownhost $25 30 days 39,788 We Will Help You Day and Night
45 Host Papa $3.95 30 days 43,743 Smart Website Solutions for Your Small Business
46 Imanila Php 167 Not clear 47,059 One Plan, one price
47 Dot Easy $1.95 30 days 47,465 Get Your Website Online Without I.T.
48 POwWeb $3.88 30 days 47,571 The Perfect Hosting Solution
49 Lunar Pages $3.95 30 days 59,830 Solutions Reside Here
50 Web Hosting Pad $1.99 30 days 62,531 Hassle Free Hosting. Get MORE Than What You Pay For.
51 Globehost $0.37 30 days 65,889 Powerful cPanel shared hosting on enterprise hardware
52 One Cloudy $2.00 30 days 66,441 Affordable Web Hosting Pacakges
53 Startlogic $4.50 30 days 71,147 Your Business Deserves To Be Online
54 Rose Hosting $4.95 7 days 75,067 Cloud Web Hosting’s Final Frontier
55 Vodien $10.00 30 days 76,629 Find The Perfect Web Hosting For Your Website
56 THC Servers $1.95 30 days 82,680 For Geeks, By Geeks
57 Web Host Face $3.45 30 days 109,112 Service always comes with a smiling face
58 Miles Web $3.00 30 days 118,613 Host Your Website With India’s Best Web Hosting Company
59 MidPhase $2.37 30 days 138,349 Mpowered To Help You Succeed
60 Idea Host $2.99 45 days 140,693 Let Us Host Your Ideas! Great Ideas Need A Great Host.
61 Omnis $5.95 30 days 150,417 Everything Hosting
62 Fast Web Host $1.00 30 days 154,612 Powerful Web Hosting
63 DotPH $20.00 30 days 154,929 Bigger Packages At No Extra Cost
64 Host Metro $2.45 30 days 177,748 Take Your Hosting To The Max
65 Host Clear $2.99 45 days 197,718 Clear, Simple Web Hosting That’s Quick and Easy
66 MDD Hosting $2.25 30 days 210,165 Professional Web Hosting Solutions
67 Bizzahost 1.45 30 days 220,755 It’s more than just hosting
68 Misshosting 1.25 30 days 223,491 Part of Miss Group
69 Glowhost $4.95 91 days 238,815 Proudly Hosting Since 2002
70 Gearhost $5.00 30 days 253,356 Cloud Hosting for your .NET, PHP, Node.js apps
71 Cool Handle $3.95 Anytime 255,169 Easy and Affordable Web Hosting
72 I/O Zoom $8.00 30 days 256,380 Your websites will be hosted on servers that will serve your web pages up to 300% faster than regular VPS hosting
73 Bigscoots $3.95 45 days 278,317 Experience The Diference. Ride With Us.
74 Giga Pros $10.00 30 days 293,991 Premium Services. Unmatched Pricing
75 247-host $2.99 30 days 294,522 Reliability Around The Clock
76 Hostupon $3.95 30 days 302,680 Web Hosting Made Easy
77 Hostinger Php 99 30 days 319,880 Powerful Cloud Hosting! 2X Faster – 4X More resources
78 HostRocket $5.99 30 days 321,692 A perfect solution for your personal or business website!
79 Zero Stop Bits $4.00 30 days 323,961 Cut Your Bill In Half
80 Pressidium $49.90 60 days 324,655 Enterprise Architecture With Every WordPress Hosting Plan
81 Daily Razor $3.99 30 days 330,184 Professional & Affordable Unlimited Website Hosting
82 HostiSErver $15.00 30 days 338,352 Bringing The Future Today
83 Zoom Hosting Php 50 30 days 368,660 Trusted By Government Agencies and Industry Leaders
84 Crucial Paradigm $25.00 30 days 371,717 Simple web hosting and superb support
85 M3 Server $20.00 30 days 381,952 Continously striving to provide clients with the best hosting service possible.
86 Shape Host $0.50 7 days 386,757 Blazing fast website hosting for your projects.
87 Host Furious $0.83 15 days 441,586 HostFurious ssd web hosting gives you a long list of tools to take your idea or business online!
88 RFE Hosting $4.95 30 days 464,741 Reliable Friendly Experience
89 Virtono €0.99 NA 491,085 Stable, fast and easy to use environment.
90 Web.com.ph Php 125 30 days 492,154 Web.com.ph is an e-commerce website providing domain names, web hosting service, and servers in the Philippines at very affordable prices
91 Web Host £1.25 30 days 519,313 Web Hosting that makes you happy, not nervous.
92 Scope Hosts $3.27 30 days 571,067 Your Best Shared Hosting Provider
93 GicWebWorld $0.30 15 days 623,551 Highest Performance SSD Cloud Web Hosting
94 Cloudie Web $2.00 30 days 659,369 A network designed for you, with a scalable platform, blazing fast servers, and amazing support.
95 Ispaze $1.94 30 days 701,964 30X Faster Hosting Powered By SSD Drives and Litespeed
96 Parkinhost €2.99 15 days 703,341 Hosting Made Simpler, Cooler & Better
97 Philweb Hosting Php 50 30 days 705,641 The Fastest Growing Web Hosting Provider In The Philippines
98 Host Department $0.99 30 days 764,965 To Host and To Serve
99 Dial Webhosting $17.90 30 days 810,889 Online Success Begins With Domain & Secured Web Hosting
100 MSWebnetwork Php 83.33 40 days 869,877 A pioneering web hosting company that provides an amazing managed web hosting experience!


That’s it!

Was it an easy reference indeed?

If you think your favorite web hosting site deserves to be here, just shout out. I’ll assess, compare and probably bump off the last few sites in the list in due time.


Do I Recommend One Or Two Of Them?

Whenever I bring out a list of 100 (of any kind), some of my readers would connect with me saying that they were overwhelmed. They just couldn’t go through the list one by one.

If I give out some recommendations however, especially if I have personal experiences with them, they’d feel like “relieved”.

Thus, I’m giving out these simple recommendations.

But before that, I must admit that I’m not a geek who can describe to you great in-depth technical details of how a superb web hosting service would look like. Most of them would claim the same good stuffs that one could easily be swayed either way.

However, the big plus factors for me would be the price, uptime and most especially the customer support.

With that, I can easily name a couple in the list – Siteground and Namecheap (in that order!).

Why Siteground and Namecheap As Best Web Hosting Sites?

Most of my domains are in Namecheap. It’s so natural for me to try their web hosting services since I don’t have to go around further.

Though I’d still need to point the DNS of specific domains before I can fully use a particular site (it’d normally take 90 seconds to propagate in Namecheap), it’s not that much of a big deal (in fact, that can easily be done by any beginner).

Most importantly, whenever I’d need their support, they’d be there.

So far, their support system is solid.

The only minor drawback is the process of going to their support system!

It’s a little taxing.

This is where Siteground web hosting rocks!

Unlike Namecheap where the process takes 3-4 steps, Siteground will need you to go through a couple of steps only.

Under their Support tab, click the area of concern (ex. Domain).

Their Recommended Support Channel will appear.

Click the Proceed To Chat and you’ll be in touch with their Customer Representative in no time.



I even asked their opinions about my planned domain names and so far all of their Customer Representatives who attended to me were highly trained to respond.

One even did an extra mile to help me resolve my Webmaster Tools which was initially unverified.

I must have had spoken to 10 of them and rated them all with 5 stars. I even spread the word by giving them good reviews on a 3rd party site.

You’ll definitely need a great support system since you’ll be with them for as long as you want. Thus, put bigger weights here.

Sure, you can easily transfer from one web hosting site to another, but you’ll never be certain how customer care is handled in each until you’re there.


In Conclusion…

At the end of the day, it’ll be about satisfaction.

If you’re still in the selection process, just go over this list. It may not necessarily be the ultimate list, but you’ll definitely find one that’d probably best suit you before jumping into their respective sites.

In fact, you may find this as your quickest reference of best web hosting sites in 2016.

I’m thinking of updating this list once a year but if there’s a real need, I may do so at least semi-annually.

Thus, your inputs are highly valuable.

Nevertheless, I hope you’ve found this really handy for your hosting needs.

  • Edward says:

    That’s a long list! From the looks of it one.com is offering the best deal for 1 year free hosting. Updating the list from time to time is a good idea, this may just become the go-to list when it comes to choosing hosting provider online.

    • Jojo says:

      Hi Edward!

      Yes, they’ve published “Perfect for basic websites, blogs & email hosting” in their Starter plan. You just have to pay for their setup fee of $13.80. Domain and Annual Web hosting is entirely free.

      That’s a good buy actually.

  • Syed Suhail Ahmed says:

    Thank you so much for this informative post!

    The information you have provided is definitely useful for people who are thinking of starting their very own websites and I really do hope that they come across your top 100 list!

    Thank you once again and I enjoyed reading!


    • Jojo says:

      You’re welcome Suhali.

      The list is intended especially for those starting out but can be as useful with anybody else who are exploring other web hosting sites that would suit their needs best.


  • Gary says:

    Great list of the 100 best web hosting sites. I had no idea there were so many. I wonder how many of these sites are actually reselling hosting from larger hosting sites. Do you know?

    Love the cartoon video too. Well done. You site is fun to explore and very helpful.

    • Jojo says:

      Thanks Gary!

      I’m not quite sure about the reselling but I think more than half of them from the list do that.

      There could be nearly ten thousand web hosting sites out there that I couldn’t just get my hands on each of them.

      Thanks for the appreciation as well.

  • Blame says:

    I have a lot of friends wants to start an online business. As you know that hosting is not cheap and it’s a consistent expense people have to pay every single year depending on the plan. What you wrote is most likely what they need, because they want high quality hosting with friendly customer service in case they need it and inexpensive hosting. Thank you for the information. Have a good one.

    • Jojo says:

      That’s actually my primary purpose for coming up with this one Blame.

      I hope your friends will drop by and check it soon.


  • Michel says:

    Thanks for that comprehensive list Jojo. I wish I had it before when I was first looking for hosting a few years ago.

    I ended up choosing Hostgator, and they were good until I ran out of bandwidth and had to upgrade to a reseller account. I then battled to learn the system, and it was a mission to log into my websites. The support was great, but I just didn’t have the time or patience to learn how to use the platform properly.

    • Jojo says:

      Thanks a lot Michel!

      You may share this as well to your friends who’re yet to start their blogging career.

      I’ll be updating this from time to time as I’m sure there could be other web hosting sites that may be considered to be here rather than the rest in the tail end.


  • Norman says:

    Wow this is so amazing, I can see that a lot of work went in to this research because of the amount of hosting sites that you have listed. Your article is well detailed and fill with great information, I am sure that with this kind of information it will make it more easy for your viewers to decide where they want to go and what they want to use. Thanks for sharing.

    • Jojo says:

      Thanks Norman!

      I’m sure there are a lot more out there, but everytime I search for best web hosting sites, these are the ones that would mostly come out. Thus I came up with the list.

      Hopefully this would turn out to be helpful to are just starting to blog.


  • Nattawut P. Golf says:

    Very helpful for many people finding the best hosting, include me.
    Funny and easy understand clip VDO in website look amazing.
    I think, your clip makes more profit.
    The good order of the subject with concise content with compare table.
    Follow with the product of amazon at the end of the website.
    I think landing page with help gets more mail-list.
    Anything that you think of my comment please tell me.
    I am not professional however improving myself.

    • Jojo says:

      HI Nattawut!

      Thanks for dropping by.

      If you also find it helpful, then the post has achieved its purpose (at least for you).

      I’ve also created the video to summarize things. not all people will go through long articles on best web hosting sites, thus the need to create it.

      I’m glad you found it to be fun.

      I’m just not quite sure though of what kind of Amazon product you’re suggesting at the end of the article.

      Keep up the good work especially the drive to improve.

      We all need to do that.



  • Jacob says:

    I think a host plays a huge role in your online success and therefore it is good to choose them wisely. I personally prefer blue host and it is quite stable and the speed is pretty decent as well. I have actually one site hosted there and I am quite happy with it for the time being.Other than the price, I think everything is alright with this host. Do you have any sites hosted at blue host before?

    • Jojo says:

      Hi Jacob!

      I haven’t tried Blue Host yet but I’ve also heard great things about the company (apart from being endorsed by big names like Patt Flynn, etc.).

      While in WA though, the web hosting services that Wealthy Affiliate provides is pretty decent, if not, one of the best.

      In fact, it really comes out as free since the price that we’re paying in the membership already covers the priceless community support, training, tips, consultations, feedback, etc.

      Thanks for dropping by!


  • Chris Towers says:

    Thanks for this information. I was looking into hosting as I was not actually sure what it all entailed.

    I am setting up my website and saw this hosting topic to be of importance so wanted to learn more.

    I have come across GoDaddy and NameCheap before during my research but from your list I can see the options are extensive.

    Is there a good choice when it comes to tuition too? Or are all these services just for purchasing?

    Just that I do not want to buy a domain name then be left in the dark as to how to set it all up!



    • Jojo says:

      HI Chris!

      This list is designed to give our readers a number of alternatives aside from Godaddy, Namecheap, Bluehost, etc.

      The Top 20 in the list though is a good start.

      Personally, I recommend Siteground and Namecheap.

      When you’re in there, there are a lot of tutorials related to WordPress, hosting, setting up of site, etc.

      The support teams in both web hosting sites are also superb. I can definitely attest to Siteground since they have this chatroom that you’ll never feel you’re left in the dark.

      I hope it helped.



  • Kathy says:

    Hi Jojo! This is a great list that you have compiled. I personally have not tried Namecheap or Siteground but looks like you are satisfied with their support. Like you, support is one of the main factors I consider in choosing a hosting company. We need to have our site up 24/7 and to be able to do that we need to have reliable support specially when we need to troubleshoot. Thanks for this list. I have bookmarked your page for reference later on.

  • Glen says:

    Jojo, you have a great list of web hosts. I just did not see Insty Me on your list. I moved one of my sites from HostGator because they have deteriorated over the years. Insty Me is a little expensive, but they provide a powerful autoresponder email system with their hosting. They use the Amazon Web Services. They also provide a desktop application which makes logging into the “cpanel” and the email system easy. Insty Me is worth a look.

    • Jojo says:

      Hi Glen!

      I’ve been waiting for these kinds of suggestions.

      Thanks a lot!

      I’ll take a look and see how I’ll fit it in.

      Thanks once again..

  • dreamgirl93 says:

    I want to build a website with adult content, which of these web hosting companies will allow this?
    And also which of them gives you the best support?
    I don’t understand to much about technical stuff.
    And also which one do you recommend to start with as a beginner?

    • Jojo says:


      I asked Siteground this question and here’s what they have to say.

      “In general we do not , but we do have some exceptions. Erotica sites are okey, but for example porn sites would not be something you would host with us.”

      Sorry I can’t tell you more about other web hosting sites but you can try Hostgator, Namecheap or 1an1.


  • surya says:

    Hi Jojo,

    Woww….. I never saw such a huge and awesome list of Hosting providers around the world. It will definitely helpful for bloggers and site owner to choose right one.

    I APPRECIATE you hard labour to prepare this superb list !!!!

    Meantime, I would like to tell you that I am also in tech blogging arena and recently I too wrote a detailed “Review Article” on India’s #1 web Hosting company “Hostingraja”.

    I guess it would be helpful for your Indian readers who are looking for a Indian hosting company.
    Hence, I request please refer the following review article in this post. I am sure your readers will be get benefited.


    Best regards,

    • Jojo says:

      Hi Surya!

      Sorry for taking time. I took a looong break in blogging.

      I hope I’m now back for good.

      And yes, I’ve listed the best web hosting providers so my readers will have a variety to choose from. I hope your Indian readers will also be able to find your review.


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