100 Digital Marketing Courses Online Worth Digging Today

The digital marketing courses online are sprouting everywhere, for more and more individuals, students and professionals alike, are roaring for self-paced courses.

Anyone, even student, can learn digital marketing courses online

Student learning digital marketing courses online

As written by Josh Bersin in LinkedIn Pulse last Dec. 29, 2015 entitled “Use of MOOCs and Online Education is Exploding: Here’s Why“, online learning is still getting started.

He further emphasized that there were more than 35M people who enrolled in various online courses the past 4 years and 2015 numbers doubled that of 2014’s.

Get Involved…

That only proves that the market for online learning is indeed exploding. We can get involved in one way or another or just be amazed one day how others have actually learned tremendously. We can directly or indirectly get involved by becoming instructors, getting some courses to further train ourselves, promoting some courses or by informing friends and families that there are alternative ways to learn things online.

With that, I thought of coming up with a list that could help you choose from among hundreds or thousands of sites offering various courses. This particular list though is limited to those who are looking for internet marketing or digital marketing courses online. If you’ve come across this site using those keywords, you probably would like to train yourself about online marketing, affiliate marketing or how to make money online, in general.

Not a Rocket Science Study…

There’s no rocket science methodologies here. I simply used Alexa to rank the sites that are most likely offering digital marketing courses online. As long as they belong to 999,999th rank or less in Alexa, they offer online marketing courses and if the sites are clickable, then they go to this list.

This isn’t a perfect list, in fact, some may think this is just one of those “lists”.  However, I’m hoping that the hours  that I put around here can hopefully point you to some great courses.


My Top 100 Digital Marketing Courses

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There you have it. However, I do have some biases here (after all this is my site! LOL! ). But if you are starting from zero today, it’s better to learn from others’ experiences, right?

….So pls. allow me to further handpick three of my favorite digital marketing courses online…


Top 3 Digital Marketing Courses Online

First Choice…

Among the one hundred choices just from this list, I’m highly encouraging you to check Wealthy Affiliate (#24 in the list) first. You will definitely see how simple is its structure, thus beginners can easily relate and follow.One of the best providers of Digital Marketing Courses Online

I’ve seen a lot of new members and I know they are enjoying their stay (even those who’re in their 60’s or 70’s!). There’s nothing like having Founders, Ambassadors, Top Achievers and hundreds of Premium members working together to hand-hold you in your first few days.

Your 7-day FREE membership will all be worth it! Just don’t forget to create your profile as you join Wealthy Affiliate. You’ll immediately feel how warm the members are as we welcome you. Check out my profile in Wealthy Affiliate or go through my comprehensive review here.


Second Choice…

My 2nd choice is Udemy (#3 in this list). There are literally thousands of choices to choose from in Udemy site, but if you search for “online marketing”, it’d be narrowed down to close to 2,000 (1,979 as of this writing). Still, you’ll have plenty of choices. That’d mean it can confuse you especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for. And if you’d finally decide on a course, you’ll be limited to the opinion of the instructor.


Third Choice…

My 3rd choice is CFM. I’ve been a member of Chris Farrell Membership for about 15 months since January of 2011. I’ve had minimal successes as I didn’t take my learnings to the next level. I mean, I didn’t have goals on what to achieve, say, in the next 5 years. Unlike in WA, I’ve set my online goals seriously (what would make me happy and ecstatic financially – these are part of goal settings inside WA) at the very first day in the community.

Though I have unlearned some of what I’ve learned then, I couldn’t dismiss the fact that it was my first real taste of success online. I wouldn’t have thought of SCALABILITY had I not tasted these minimal successes.


Limiting Information Overload

So if you’re pondering on transitioning from your profession to something virtually bigger or simply wanting to explore some digital marketing courses online, check the list today. I intentionally limited the links to also limit information overload. Dig on each company if you wish, but if you’re starting from scratch, one great platform is enough to transform yourself into a much prouder individual – that is with Wealthy Affiliate!

You can never go wrong.

Did I miss anything that’s in your list? Would appreciate your comments and thoughts below.

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Kristena Calhoun says February 18, 2016

Very interesting read. What exactly is Digital Marketing? Can someone who knows nothing about this type of marketing still succeed with these course?

You provided quite a bit of information that has me a little curious on what this is all about and if it would help me succeed further with my career ideas. I will definitely have to come back to this and look some more.

    Jojo says February 20, 2016

    Hi Kristena!

    Digital Marketing is somehow synonymous to Internet Marketing. Compared to the Traditional Marketing, Digital Marketing endeavors are quite vast and would include, but not limited to, social media, video marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing and the like.

    Thus, Digital Marketing Courses Online are simply online courses that are related to Internet Marketing. You may start blogging, create apps, produce videos, etc. Regardless of what you do online, bringing it out to all your audiences is the very essence of digital marketing.

    Just continue to check with me for further insights.


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