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These 101 Amazing PLR Membership Sites Will Explode Your Contents

Have you been searching for amazing and probably the finest PLR Membership sites to help you power up your blog with excellent, relevant, and updated content?

Sometime in 2016, I created an extensive list where dozens, if not, hundreds of bloggers and professionals have benefited from it.

They were a combination of Membership and Non-Membership sites

Meaning, you should either have to become a member of their PLR site to enjoy their products or you can just purchase any of their products without paying for monthly, annual, or lifetime plans.

This particular list however has outgrown that old list.

You’ll notice that some maintained their status (sort of!), some fell off the race but some have had giant leaps from where they stood before to where they are now.

Some also upgraded their PLR membership sites and transformed them into more professional and elegant-looking websites, not to mention their ease of use and bundles of quality PLR products.

In this case, PLR.me is quite notable as it also improved by 189,130 Alexa score from 2016 to 2020.

So while others ceased operations, this Membership site advanced and produced more quality products for its customers.

The Process Behind PLR Membership Sites List

To simplify my search about 4 years ago, I used the Alexa tool to rank the top PLR Membership sites.

I then ensured that each site was working and could serve the needs of its visitors or members.

While the list was tremendously long and probably exhausting to some, it was generally helpful, at least basing on the comments of my readers.

For consistency, I used the same approach in coming up with this new list this year. However, I excluded those that didn’t improve in their overall look as well as with their line of PLR offers.

Surprisingly, almost half bowed out of the race in this industry.

Well, there are probably dozens more out there that I have yet to discover, but I guarantee you that this list is comprehensive enough to start with.

Who Is This List For?

Before we categorize who benefits from the list the most, let me clearly say that it’s not for everyone.

If you’re comfortable writing articles, repurposing content, creating videos, talking in front of cameras, doing podcasting, and the like, then probably you don’t need any of the list.

However, if you almost always stare at blank sheets as you start creating your content and if you usually take time figuring out what value you’ll give to your customers on certain days, then you can find at least one membership site as a source of your inspirations.

While some of the websites listed below have overlaps on the kinds of PLR’s that they’re offering, almost half of the list has its core competence.

Here’s the breakdown.

  1. Business and Marketing, Health, Personal Dev’t, etc.) – 52
  2. Business and Marketing (mostly) – 22
  3. Planners, Journals, Templates, Coloring Books – 12
  4. Personal Development/Health – 9
  5. Food/Health – 5
  6. Faith – 1

Total: 101

You will also find my Top 4 recommendations on each of the 5 categories at the end of this list and my Top 5 overall.

So if you are any or a combination of the following, you can benefit from this list:

  • Blogger
  • Vlogger
  • Marketer
  • Business Coach
  • Life Coach
  • Sports Coach
  • Fitness Coach
  • Corporate Leader
  • Speaker
  • Trainer
  • Teacher
  • Professor
  • Professional
  • Small Business Owner
  • Parent
  • Student

What PLR Companies Bowed Out?

I took note of those 40 sites that are no longer on the list and grouped them into 5 categories: 1) Inaccessible 2) No Alexa Ranking 3) No Longer Accepting Membership 4) Contents Changed and 5) Non-Membership site (For Download only).

1. Inaccessible or absence of contentsTimpa PLRNitro WealthPLR wholesalerGraphics PLR BlowoutSpecial Report ClubInternet WealthPLR Article SaleNew Social ClickMLM PLR StoreYummy PLRPLR StopFlamillionProfit from PLRPLR Content MarketingPLR Ala CartePLR Health WizardEbook Store BooksMoney 2KSimply PLRPLR Mega MartGreen PLRPLR TitanIM PLR GuidesTop Niche PLRPLR WriterNew PLR ProductsPLR ExpressFind PLR ArticlesReliable PLRKeystone PLRNiche in a Box

2. No Alexa RankingNiche RevolutionMagazine PLRNatural Mom PLR

3. No Longer Accepting MembershipInfo Go Round

4. Content ChangedMainstream Ventures

5.  Not Membership Sites (For Download only)Health Marketing 365 Ultimate PLR FiresaleNet Marketing 365PLR PLR

Actually, I didn’t find it so hard to look for replacements.

I was expecting that it should have been more difficult to look for sites to complete my list because I was particularly looking for PLR Membership sites only, but since it didn’t, it only showed that the market for PLR ebooks, articles, templates and other products is still aggressively growing.

5 Friendly Reminders To Help You Decide More Objectively

If you’ve been using PLR products to power your site contents, chances are, you’re already familiar with many of these sites.

But I guess, not ALL.

I myself discovered a few of them a few days or weeks ago and went through them one by one to further understand their respective business models.

Many of them are quite impressive actually.

To maximize your pick, I laid down a few steps for you to further zero in on what Membership site you’d really need.

  1. Scan the list. You don’t have to open each one. Simply get familiarized.
  2. Explore a few sites after your initial scanning.
  3. Bookmark some, if not all, of my Top 20 this 2020 for future reference.
  4. Choose those membership sites within your niche.
  5. Pick 2-3 websites and register to boost your blog’s next set of contents.

101 Awesome PLR Membership Sites in 2020 and Beyond

These PLR membership sites obviously thrive in 2020.

Even in 2021, 2022, 2023, and beyond, more than half of this list may still serve your needs because this batch is much more stable than the previous ones.

A number of them actually scaled up and made themselves future-proof.

Check them out why and probably try the freebies that they give out. Some are really generous while others are simply selective.

Keep an open mind though in scrutinizing them and don’t neglect your guts. We can compare notes later on.

Feel free to comment if you think your favorite PLR Membership store should be here. I’ll take a closer look as a reference for my next update.

2020 Place PLR Site Alexa Global Rank 2020 Alexa Global Rank 2016 2016 Place Remarks
1 IDPLR 10,570 39,317 1 Maintains its first rank but jumped 28,747 higher. It currently has 12,590+ PLR products (up 4600 from 8,280)
2 PLR Database 35,649 NA NA An extensive library of PLR products is updated regularly with 25,121 licensed done-for-you products. Each day they release new products on their PLR Membership site which they then hand-pick the best ones to be featured in their Marketplace. I won’t be surprised if one day it’ll surpass the current #1.
3 PLR.me 51,934 241,064 17 This site’s PLR products and overall design have tremendously improved. It was excellently overhauled making Personal Development bloggers, authors, and even vloggers much happier.
4 Resell Rights Weekly 52,424 41,772 2 Maintains weekly downloads of PLR & Resale rights Products for FREE! Almost the same status as 4 years before
5 The PLR Store 52,709 327,533 26 With 22 steps higher, this PLR store jumped the highest. More than 5,000 Private Label Rights and PLR Products from the PLR Store to choose from.
6 Indigital Works 56,704 232,470 15 Another improved product from this PLR store jumped 10 notches higher.
7 Internet Slayers PLR 61,935 NA NA Conquering the web, one piece of content at a time! High-Quality Content with PLR rights that you can edit as you wish and actually use!
8 Master PLR 68,280 NA NA If you are a health professional, speaker, coach, blogger, or publisher, you will love their ready-to-use content. Check out their article titles, launch them in your browser and you’ll be surprised to see that they are one of the PLR Membership websites with almost zero duplicates online.
9 Tools for Motivation 76,827 NA NA One of the best on Personal Development. Done-For-You Personal Development contents are delivered monthly. Download, learn, then sell them as your own. Definitely worth a look.
 10 North Publisher 89,419 NA NA There are 4 types of memberships that you can choose from Free Membership, Monthly, Yearly, and Lifetime Premium Membership on this site.
11 PLR Assassin 95,312 151,807 8 Probably one of the most beautifully designed PLR Membership sites today. It improved a notch higher from 4 years ago.
12 Unstoppable PLR 99,536 81,200 4 Though it went down 4 notches, it’s still a strong PLR brand providing high-quality courses, ebooks, and videos
13 Piggy Makes Bank 101,742 NA NA Susanne Myers & Tracy Roberts are 2 friends who combined their 15 years of product creation & internet marketing skills to create Piggy Makes Bank, a PLR site specializing in Self-Help, Business, and Health & Wellness content.
14 Master Resale Rights 104,126 77,866 3 Not many changes serving these PLR products – 11500+ eBooks, 950+ Videos, 76000+ Articles. with Resell Rights (went down 6 steps)
15 Content Sparks 109,765 NA NA Not on the list previously but is definitely worth a visit. Although you simply purchase their PLR products every time you want one, this list just can’t exist without including this. After all, once you tinker with their dashboard, consider yourself a member.
16 My NAMS 113,218 NA NA This membership site has divided its courses into 5 areas – Business Startup, Marketing, List building, and Traffic, Affiliate Marketing, Product and Content Creation and Productivity, Operation & Tools.
17 HQ PLR Store 124,217 NA NA This site offers unique content like Tiktok Marketing, Quora Marketing, Next Level Linked In Marketing, etc.
18 PLR Mines 125, 860 692,291 40 PLR Mines is an online membership site with a rapidly growing collection of the latest and high-quality digital PLR products, all designed to help you build and grow a real online business.
19 Coach Glue 130,135 193,484 10 They make your clients stick to you. Probably one of the best websites to follow especially if you’re a Life or Business coach. This brand is exemplary and can definitely help your business online or offline.
20 Exclusive Niches 142,449 138,265 7 They help digital business owners and marketing professionals with “Content Creation, Digital Product Creation, Online Sales Funnels, etc. using DONE-FOR-YOU brandable PLR products.
21 PLR Products 149,319 264,920 19 1000’s of Resell Rights eBooks, Articles, Software, Videos, and More
22 IM Checklist 162,772 NA NA 530 Marketing Checklists with full white label rebranding and Private Label Rights designed to make your marketing easier and more profitable.
23 Killer PLR Articles 165,939 NA NA You can browse or search, preview content, and instantly download from our PLR article database of over 200+ categories on 1,000’s of topics. NO monthly membership fee, NO need to buy any PLR article packs ever. Just register and enjoy.
24 Best Deal PLR 169,819 664,011 38 Get instant access to the largest database Of PLR products with never-ending supply of Private Label Rights And Master Resell Rights Products!
25 Niche Starter Packs 170,719 NA NA Niche Starter Packs offers done-for-you content, Canva templates, and low content products that are ready to use and easy to customize for your business and brand. You’ll find topics in business, lifestyle, self help and health niche.
26 Master Resell Rights 179,776 205,380 13 Learn, edit and sell RR, MRR and PLR every week
27 PLR Ebook Club 180,391 494,420 31 The worlds’ largest Private Label Rights Content provider
28 Abundance Print PLR 183,951 NA NA Yu Shaun and Cally Lee bring you one of the outstanding PLR products in the market. Their membership site focuses on health and Fitness and Personal Development niches including Intermittent Fasting, Biohacking Secrets, Morning Routine, etc.
29 PLR Dealer 210,294 2,493,798 64 Here’s What You’ll Get Every Month for FREE as a PLR Dealer Member… Niche ebook with PLR, Complete Sales Package, 600 PLR Articles, 60 Header graphics
30 Monthly Content 213,462 NA NA Have a little patience as you visit this site as everything is explained in a video. Its membership site adds multiple PLR products every week. It’s one of the content sources of known marketers.
31 Kitchen Bloggers 214,114 NA NA Another one of the most concise PLR Membership sites carrying recipes and worthy images for food bloggers looking for more contents and recipes.
32 List Magnets (Formerly DIY PLR) 215,575 284,222 21 What Your Readers Want Step By Step
33 PLR Planners 232,321 NA NA This Membership site is different in the sense that it covers Digital Planners, Templates, Coloring Books, Book Covers, Graphics, and a lot more.
34 Big Product Store 238,472 209,191 14 The Jumbo E-digital Products Catalog. Big Product Store has been releasing quality PLR products daily since 2012! You can create a Free Lifetime account and download selected free products!
35 Viral PLR 242,275 418,274 29 A powerful system that integrates information products with list building technology
36 Sure Fire Wealth 250.954 137,110 6 “Knowledge is power”
37 Thrive Anywhere 294,205 NA NA Use their pre-built templates, and in a few hours, you can have your own workbook, planner, or journal ready to sell or generate leads for you.
38 Health and Wellness PLR 294,414 NA NA Probably one of the best PLR Membership sites created for professionals and bloggers in the Health and Fitness niche.
39 Color Monthly 294,651 NA NA With Color Monthly PLR, you can create your own subscription membership site, or add gorgeous images and value to your planners and journals.
40 PLR Behemoth 300,989 NA NA Thousands of PLR Products that you can rebrand and resell! Get instant access to Private Label Rights content library which many successful online marketers are using to boost their internet businesses!
41 PLR Pump 314,302 249,187 18 Content your readers can’t resist – Alternative Health, Fitness, Health and Self-Help PLR’s updated regularly by professional writers.
42 Premade Niches 328,664 270,037 20 “Ready-Made Niche Sites and Blogs”
43 All Private Label Content 345,277 169,170 9 “Delivering the Content You Need…without the Fluff…Since 2006”
44 Big Content Search 357,592 202,095 12 “Discover How To Get Access To Unlimited Content, Create Hundreds of Niche Websites Easily, Generate Tons of FREE Traffic and Watch Money Flood Your PayPal Account”
45 PLR Private Label Rights 386,435 198,173 11 “PLR Ebooks PLR Articles FREE PLR Software”
46 Internet Marketing Zoom 389,941 NA NA This PLR Membership site gives you as many eBooks, software, videos eClasses as you can handle, and that too at a fraction of the price that other membership sites charge.
47 Download PLR Products 392,878 237,386 16 Now Over 3000 PLR / MRR Products & Growing Daily
48 PLR Mini Mart 458,390 355,491 28 High Quality PLR Content from Ghostwriter to the Gurus
49 Wordfeeder 461,872 NA NA This is for coaches, Mental Health and Self-Help experts looking for quality PLR products.
50 White Label Perks 482,685 NA NA Brandable content on Business and Marketing and Personal Development niche accompanied by great graphics. Wonderful PLR website created by Kelly McCausey, Samantha Angel and Avery Wilmer.
51 Tribe Bloom (Formerly Best Fitness PLR) 484,686 352,082 27 This site focused on health before but transitioned to accommodate more PLR’s. it has over 10,000 articles, reports, videos and blog posts that you can use in your blog, newsletter, products, courses and more…
52 PLR of the Month 494,638 NA NA Definitely one of the most unique PLR Membership sites out there with their Adult Coloring Pages, Pets and Pastels, unique and relevant lead magnets, etc.
53 The Happy Journals Club 507,409 NA NA One of the newest demands in the PLR Membership business is all about Journals. This site sells editable PDF that you can use or resell to your readers.
54 Today PLR 513,533 NA NA The site includes ebooks, audio, graphics, software, videos, articles, templates, turnkey sites
55 Super-Resell 538,839 609,267 36 Super-Resell is a huge resell right, master resell right and private label right products directory with more than 8000 products to offer.
56 Xplore Ebooks 542,399 1,910,196 49 “Lifetime Retail Membership at $39.99 only”
57 Content Shortcuts 547,984 289,319 23 Done-for-you content and Smart Marketing Tips
58 Wow Profit Packs 582,468 NA NA Purchase PLR products and you’ll be asked to register. As a member, you’ll be continuously informed of their regular updates.
59 Content Drafts (Formerly Easy PLR) 727,617 302,015 25 Quality PLR Reports and Article Packs for Personal Development Niche
60 PLR Products Center 735,059 NA NA High Quality PLR, MRR, RR and other digital products
61 PLR Content Studio 751,001 NA NA Professionally written , Business and Marketing, Personal Development, Money and Finance PLR, etc.
62 DFY Templates 801,076 NA NA Instant access to their Personal Library of Fill-in-The-Blanks, Time-Tested Marketing Templates, backed by nearly 30 Years of proven online marketing experience!
63 PLR Updates 805,385 NA NA This site handles e-courses, ebooks, audios, videos, graphics, themes, templates, software, script and a lot more.
64 PLR Monthly 785,785 507171 34 For every month you are a member of PLR Monthly you will receive “Ready to Sell” PLR content. They provide the highest quality and greatest variety of content that you will see anywhere.
65 Buy Health PLR 959,363 1,262,166 49 If you have a blog about Health, Fitness, Keto, or any diet, this membership website has plenty to choose from.
66 PLR Content Source 990,237 NA NA This PLR Membership site has a lot in its sleeves. Business. Niche. Self Improvement. the do believe that Content is the basis of everything you do online.
67 Daily Faith PLR 1,008,214 NA NA This membership site focuses on Faith-related Devotional sets with full rights to edit as you wish, You can be as creative as you like!
68 Digital Products Pro 1,045,357 NA NA From Free content to ebooks, videos, graphics, software, templates, they do have a kingdom of the best digital products.
69 Resellers Super Mall 1,082,288 NA NA If you want to learn how to do the art and science of Reselling business, this is one of the biggest out there. As a member, you’ll be updated weekly.
70 PLR Kickstart 1,091,137 1,162,492 45 This PLR site creates Ready-for-Market PLR products. High-demand courses taught by top Udemy instructors, delivered each month!
71 The PLR Mart 1,131,907 2,428,723 63 Best PLR ebooks/articles at amazing prices, resell MRR Content and ready made turnkey Niche sites for its members
72 E-bestsellers 1,385,110 NA NA Over 9,000 PLR and MRR products since 2007. You also will get instant access to over 330 free tools that will make your web business much more profitable!
73 Best Quality PLR 1,416,604 287,641 22 Best Quality PLR offers full, ready-for-market PLR products that are changing people’s expectations of what “good” PLR really is.
74 The Ebook Shop 1,423,052 NA NA With the latest Corona Virus PLR package, Facebook Ads, Law of Attraction packages, you’re assured of continuous updates from this membership site.
75 Whole Food PLR 1,548,560 NA NA One of the few PLR Membership sites that promote whole foods contents. It’s very specific to the Health niche specifically organic or whole foods.
76 Swift Publishing 1,561,230 1,203,694 46 “Premium PLR and MRR Products. Create an online income with your own products.”
77 PLR Daily 1,731,195 NA NA Your free product membership will give you thousands of hot FREE Private Label Rights and Resale Rights products.
78 My Resell Rights Products 2,020,807 4,087,666 74 You’ll get lifetime access to resell rights ebooks, software, articles, article packs, graphics, templates, complete niche websites, video courses with Master and Private Label Resell Rights in this  membership site.
79 PLR Cookbooks 2,049,601 NA NA This is a PLR Membership site that provides affordable, high-quality content related to food and cooking, recipes, food articles, stock food photography and step-by-step cooking videos that you can use to promote your products and services.
80 PLR Nook 2,155,145 1,820,957 56 High Quality PLR Content Written By Native English Speakers
81 One Buck Ebook 2,184,389 669,207 39 Private Label Rights (PLR), Master Resale Rights (MRR) products, starting from $1 since 2007
82 Platinum Resell Rights 2,190,841 884,891 43 One time payment for this PLR Membership Site
83 99 Cents Books 2,241,312 NA NA PLR, MRR, Kindle & ePub eBooks From $0.99!
84 PLR Stuff 2,330,134 4,868,742 78 Download for free with Lifetime Membership. As a Member, you will have full access to all 8,000+ products.
85 Content Clubs 2,432,616 1,207,178 47 This PLR Membership Club operated by Ruth provides you with content each and every month of a fixed, discount price. She also sells content “a la carte” on a variety of niches at her store.
86 True PLR 2,459,153 NA NA Rebranding videos, Mindful Meditation Mastery MRR, Healthy Eating MRR, Evergreen Internet Profits MRR and a lot more can be found in this site.
87 2nd-income Solutions 2,518,846 1,914,882 60 We offer the largest script, software, eBook and template packages in over a dozen different categories at the best prices you’ll find anywhere.
88 Offline PLR Videos 2,538,681 NA NA Using Youtube’s annotation features to brand your Offline PLR Videos allows you to change the business info as the video sits on the first page on Google.
89 PLR Sifu 2,699,015 NA NA Browse through their extensive collection of over 7,000 products of high quality Private Label Rights and Resell Rights to Articles, eBooks, Software, Scripts, Turnkey Sites, Templates, Website Graphics, Audio and Videos.
90 PLR MRR Products 2,781,441 625,029 37 Buy PLR MRR Products Through Membership Or Direct Purchase
91 Color Me Positive PLR 2,739,794 NA NA PLR Resources for coloring book authors and journal creators
92 PLR and Printables 2,991,396 NA NA 1000 ready to go Personal Development articles with PLR.
93 Wow Content Club 3,019,562 1,930,323 61 Your source for high value, profit ready Private Label Rights content.
94 Fresh PLR Possibilities 3,481,043 NA NA This PLR Membership site is doing a great job in producing Coloring books and bundles for a particular niche. Hand-drawn Global Women, Framed Inspirational Quotes, Hand Drawn Flower Coloring Designs etc.
95 Tasty PLR 3,575,545 4,704,763 78 If you are in the food niche, this is one of the best PLR Membership sites that you can register your name on. Their products are complete with recipes and photos and most importantly, they’re limited.
96 Color My Journals 4,399,061 NA NA PLR Resources for Journal & Coloring Book Publishers
97 Resell Rights Blowouts 5,310,516 NA NA Ready-to-go resell rights packages for serious internet marketers and digital product owners
98 Coloring Art Designs 5,427,394 NA NA This is a one-of-a-kind website focusing mainly on coloring books with extraordinary designs and artwork.
99 PLR Niche Club 5,798,177 3,308,918 69 The brand new, limited PLR Niche Club 2.0 Membership is your one-stop solution to creating high-quality digital products every single month.
100 PLR Sales Central 6,569,753 4,461,409 76 PLR Sales Central brings you Internet Marketing tools & information plus Private Label Rights from quality providers
101 PLR Jack 6,786,555 NA NA Tap into the Secret Goldmine: PLR

There you have it! Put a little of your tone in each article, ebook or video and you’re good to go.

With 101 PLR Membership sites to choose from, it should give you the best cue where to go next to punch up your contents day in and day out.

You might also ask…

Do These Membership sites Have Free PLR Downloads?


They give out FREE PLR downloads in the form of Free Ebooks, Free articles and sometimes FREE videos (check out PLR Pump on this one).

But definitely, there’s something for someone in one of these sites.

Just register through their Membership forms and you’ll instantly have those freebies.

In PLR.Me for example, it gives you 2 free credits per month. You can normally exchange an article for 1 credit, thus you can instantly download 2 free PLR articles in a certain month.

For their Premium PLR Products, you’ve got to purchase more credits. And they have a unique pricing structure compared to everybody else.

Just a tip.

If they offer you a great deal on your first visit, grab it!

I once missed their 400 Credits/Year plan offered at $250 (instead of $379) after 12 hours.

But with their support team, I managed to upgrade to 800 credits!

That’s cool!

Top 20 PLR Membership Sites That Make My List

Just for fun since it’s 2020, I have bookmarked these 20 Membership sites because of three reasons – high quality, reliability, and stability.

That also means that I made them my reference sites for some of my websites or businesses because their products were written and created professionally.

I can even start courses and webinars with some of these PLR products.

A few little tweaks here and there and they’ll complete the power of uniqueness.

To serve most of your niches, I’ve broken them down further into 5 categories.

So if you’re in the Health or Food Niche, all you have to worry about is to choose from 4 out of 20, not 1 out of 20.

That will make your choice even easier.

Also worth noting here are the categories for PLR Coloring Books and Business/Life Coach PLR as they are serving a hungry, thriving market online and offline.

Keep in mind that you can either use them as your lead magnets and contents for yourself and your customers’.

Mix and match them further and you’ll have astonishing products that nobody else has.

So go through them and once again, validate.

Rank Complete Private Label Products Self Help PLR Food PLR, Fitness PLR PLR Coloring Books, Planners, Journals Business/Life Coach PLR
1 IDPLR PLR.me PLR Pump PLR of the Month Coach Glue
2 PLR Database Piggy Makes Bank Kitchen Bloggers Color Monthly Content Sparks
3 The PLR Assassin Tools For Motivation Niche Starter Packs The Happy Journals Club Tribe Bloom (Formerly Best Fitness PLR)
4 Resell Rights Weekly Master PLR Health and Wellness PLR PLR Planners Thrive Anywhere

If you have at least 2-3 of these PLR Membership sites in your arsenal, you’ll surely fire up your blog or your customers with tremendously overflowing quality content that you can schedule multiple times a week for posting.

Am I Using Them?


You might have noticed that only IDPLR maintained its status even after more than 4 years.

Investing in it must have been one of the best choices that I did a few years ago. With even more reasonable pricing, probably because of the current pandemic, its Lifetime Gold Membership is now offered at $149 $89. Grab it while it’s hot!

I’ve also tried PLR Assassin but it’s somehow the same as IDPLR. So if I need to be as diverse as possible, I’d choose other PLR Membership sites.

Piggy Makes Bank, Coach Glue, and Content Sparks have gained much respect from bloggers, marketers, and coaches because of their high-quality contents. I won’t be surprised that one day they’re already on Top 10.

I have to admit that I buy from these stores selectively especially when I need certain pieces of inspiration.

As I write the final touches of this piece though, I have already tried all 3. Although I have bought different contents from them to help me out in my businesses, I can guarantee anyone that each PLR product that they sell is world-class and of high quality..

For my Personal Development businesses, it’s actually a toss-up between PLR Me, Tools for Motivation, and the 3 PLR Membership sites mentioned above.

I’ve already queued up my thorough review for the site so pls. bear with me.

My Top 5 PLR Membership Sites

Even though I mentioned 7 of them, I’d like to wrap up with my Top 5 (in this order):

  1. IDPLR (still the biggest of them all and has a lot about Manifestation and Affirmation in its library)
  2. PLR Me (its unique pricing structure and high-quality products dedicated to Personal Development caught my attention)
  3. Piggy Makes Bank (because right now I’ve got a lot of things in my business that PMB can provide)
  4. Coach Glue (aside from its reliable materials, it’s probably because I’ve known Nicole Dean from years ago.
  5. Tools for Motivation (it also has a unique pricing scheme that I have yet to try. So far, great quality based on their freebies)

I use them to spark or validate some ideas for my posts and projects online or in the office.

As long as you continue to blend them with your own creativity, you can never go wrong. You’ll always have fresh contents.

Besides, it gives you more time to do other things for your family and friends.

After all, that’s the primary purpose of excellent PLR products waiting to be discovered in your admirable PLR Membership sites.

Just give it a try. You’ll absolutely explode your contents making them more spicy and fun to your readers, viewers and followers.

Probably one of the most awesome PLR Membership websites in the planet today

  • Bhavesh G. Ratanghayra says:

    Thanks for the Information. I am sorting it out and probably it will help me a lot to start out my business.

    Thanks Once Again & God Bless.

    • Jojo says:

      Hi Bhavesh!

      You’re welcome. I’m sure you’ll find many of them useful in your business.

      Thanks as well.

      God bless.

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