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Sharing Free Video Squeeze Page Templates

Free Video Squeeze Page Templates With Animation

Have you been looking for free video squeeze page templates with animated explainer videos that can be readily used for your website or your clients’?

Is this related to your search? 

To further appreciate how the free video squeeze page templates look like, have a look at any or all of the videos  below.


Free Video Squeeze Page Templates – Free Web Report


Free Video Squeeze Page Templates – Max Opt In


Free Video Squeeze Page Templates – PLR Profits


Free Video Squeeze Page Templates – Profit From Free Reports


Those are the free video squeeze page templates that you can readily grab after a simple registration. Free Video Squeeze Page Templates with animationJust head on to the site where you can also choose thousands of other products related or non-related to this particular one.

In this case, just look for “Animation Video Squeeze Pages“.

The free video squeeze page templates are definitely worth your attention, especially if you’re just starting in the world of online business.

It does take time and money to create 60-sec. animated explainer videos and free reports that come along with them. The package includes with voiceover with background music and without. Thus, you can use your own background music so yours or your clients’ won’t look like everybody else’s. What you’ve seen above are the default videos with their corresponding background music.


What Else Are In The Package?

Aside from the free video squeeze page templates, you will have the following:

      • Email Templates – there are 10 well-written email messages that you can use for your email marketing. You can creatively use any of these in your autoresponders (yes, you can create videos out of these messages too!)
        • Why Marketers Don’t Earn As Much As They Should
        • Freebies Always Work Miracles
        • How Internet Marketing Works
        • A Cool Technique You Can Use In Emergencies
        • How To Create Your Own Products In 24 Hours Or Less!
        • Sales and Marketing
        • Why Social Media Sites?
        • Tweet In The Money
        • Your Ultimate Tweet Guide
        • The Short Tweet


      •  Mobile Squeeze Pages – There are a total of 15 different variations that look like below. You can experiment it in any of your sites or apply some to your clients’ . At any case, you’ll still come up with a colorful, professional looking mobile squeeze pages.
        One of the free video squeeze page templates bonuses


    • Opt in Boxes -With 28 different opt-in boxes, you can certainly mix and match your opt-in forms until you can come up with your preferred choice.


Though not everyone may benefit from this, just don’t underestimate its power for you. If you’re starting online, this package rocks!

The thing is…everything in it is indeed FREE!

But for whatever reason you won’t find it in your free membership, just drop me a note.


Lastly, If You’re A WordPress User…

If your site is in a WordPress platform, you may not appreciate them fully as the free video squeeze page templates are in index.html. You may probably install any of them in another subdirectory and capture the email leads from there.Sharing Free Video Squeeze Page Templates

All of your blogs may remain in your root directory. Otherwise, you can switch them, making any of these free video squeeze page templates your primary static site.

If you’re into WordPress though and are looking for some kind of a plugin for squeeze pages, I’ll cover you in the other discussion.

You may share this to your friends who’re in search of such in the meantime..

If you’re looking for more explainer videos however, just drop a comment or two below and I’ll see how I can be of utmost help.





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Stacy says March 20, 2016

The template videos are great! So if you sign up, you get everything for free? Am I understanding correctly? Or that’s just the templates that are free. I’m a little confused! (probably because my 10 month old is standing right next to me whining and want attention so I’m a little distracted!)

    Jojo says March 21, 2016

    Hi Stacy!

    The only drawback actually is it isn’t designed for WordPress. I’m working on something to complement it such that visitors like you could maximize their visits.

    For now, it’s only beneficial to those who created their site using Kompozer or equivalent.

    I’ll keep in touch when I’ll have upgrades to this article.



Matthew says March 20, 2016

Those videos look very great, especially for free videos! Usually you will have to pay to create videos, and even free ones more often than not have a watermark that you have to pay for to remove.

It’s a shame though their landing pages aren’t that easy to implement for WP websites. It would really be a killer if they were easy to implement with a click or two – or with a plug in.

    Jojo says March 21, 2016

    Hi Matthew!

    I agree that they could have created something for WordPress.

    I proceeded to write about that though as I’m planning to create something for WordPress later. Hopefully I can complement that article with what I’m currently envisioning.

    Thanks for dropping by.


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