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Jojo C.Founder, Toonblogger

Right off the bat, I'd admit that I'm not a full-blooded animator. However, because of my "accidental learning"  in a company-sponsored event, I'm now earning a decent part-time income just by serving my clients with their video animation, animated explainer or whiteboard animation (however you call it!) requirements.

You too can learn the basics of video animation by following along our free tips and recommendations.

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What Is Toon Blogger?


ToonBlogger's primary purpose is to give you tips and recommendations about blogging which includes animation, how-to's and reviews. We can help you decide which video animation products online will work best for you. 


Our secondary purpose is to promote our gig. You can refer to its 5-star reviews if you have queries.  Just in case you'd want to try our creative juices in video animation for your projects, just click the image below.


We may also discuss some soft skills that are necessary to keep you going. This includes the WHY's, disciplines and habits that matter to your business. We believe attitude is even more important than skills.

Our Blog

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Why Us?

While we believe in random act of kindness, intentional ones are more doable. 

What you'll have in Toon Blogger are planned gestures of kindness.

Whether they're less than 300 words or more than 3000 words of tips or thorough reviews, they're truly meant to delight you.

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