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How To Make Money In Fiverr Doing Animation Part-Time

How To Make Money In Fiverr Doing Awesome Animation Part-time

Are you pondering on how to make money in Fiverr these days?Wondering how to make money in fiverr even doing it part-time

Here’s one simple truth to at least consider before putting your best foot in.

Making money in Fiverr using whatever skills or talents you have may not be as easy as the earlier days unless you’ve already established a name.

Fiverr was founded in 2010 with offices in New York City, Chicago, Miami, San Francisco and Tel Aviv.

With shaping the future of work, every day as their mission, Fiverr is indeed shifting the freelance economy online.

So far, various buyers can find 150+ categories of services from across 196 countries that sellers, part-time or full-time, are offering.

There may be good news and bad news about these facts.

Good news is that Fiverr’s popularity today makes it easy for lean entrepreneurs, students and professionals alike to find related services for their outsourcing requirements.

They now have dozens, if not hundreds, of comparisons.

On the other hand of the spectrum however, it’s sometimes tricky to find the best sellers who could sustainably offer high-quality gigs.

Sometimes, you need to be lucky to find them from the Featured segments or referrals.

So if you’re seriously thinking of becoming a seller today, specifically sellers for animation, you must possess a few good traits that many Level 2 and Top Rated Sellers possess.

Otherwise it’d be almost impossible to make a few dollars right after you launch your gig.

It’s not that I’m discouraging you to start today.

You just need to be wary and prepared.

Before going into the process of how to make money in Fiverr specifically using animated explainers, let’s go through some of the points that made me fail in my first couple of years.


My First Gigs

I first joined Fiverr in July of 2011 as a pure buyer.

I’ve been using it primarily for logos and headers. Sometimes, I was just enjoying other sellers who’d somersault, dance and do anything for you.

After almost 3 years, I tried putting in one of my newly-developed skills then – Videoscribe.

I was good in it as I was dropping my bosses and peers’ jaws in our company everytime I present.

In Fiverr howeever, I had zero clients.

In 2014, I had a couple more gigs – Article Writing and Voiceover .

Guess what!

Article Writing – zero!

Voiceover – one!

Probably article writing was just too competitive to consider without positioning myself accordingly.

As to my voiceover, my lone customer was a doctor from India who’d probably forgive me of my non-native American accent.

He gave me 4.5-star review probably because of the effort.

Bottomline, it all failed.


How To Make Money In Fiverr – What Finally Worked!


In February of 2015, I was asked to create a presentation in our company in front of almost 200 Top Leaders.

Two familiar successful start-ups were in the guest lists in our 2-day event – Viber Founder Talmon Marco and Grab Taxi’s Anthony Tan.

That was probably the most prolific deck (it was actually a video) that I’ve ever created in my 23-year in the company.

Our group was proclaimed the co-winner of the presentation.

But since I invested about $260 for the software and my confidence on my new-found skill was oozing, I created a gig out of it in Fiverr in May 2015.

That time however, I focused on only one.

To my surprise, my first customer came in after a few days of displaying my gig.

After a few more days, I had another inquiry.

After about 30 gigs in 4 months, I had to step on the break as I was anxious of overlaps (I switched my gig to Vacation Mode).

It was also a very busy month that I didn’t want my Fiverr gig to get in the way of my primary job.

I turned it on again only after 6 weeks.

From then on, I continuously created gigs for people all across the globe, mostly from the United States, Australia and Canada. Making money in Fiverr is possible!

To many online entrepreneurs, $3000 (including the projects on queue) over a period of 20 months isn’t real money.

To me however who’s doing it part-time and not to the extent of sacrificing my job (deflecting too demanding and unreasonable clients), it was and still is fulfilling.

I’ve somehow proven that making money online is NOT impossible nor a myth. 

Sometimes, you just have to be relentless, not to mention, risk-taker.


7 Steps To Hone Your Money Making Skills In Fiverr 

One of 7 steps on how to make money in fiverr1. Do In-page SEO in Fiverr

In the Gig Title, make sure to include Power Words as well as Keywords.

Your keywords can be “whiteboard animations”, “animated explainer videos”, “animated explainers”, etc.

Power Words would include, but would not limite to, Amazing, Mind-blowing, Staggering, Surprising, etc.

Category should be Video and Animation and the Sub-category is Whiteboard and Explainer Videos.

Set Animation Type as 2D Animation.

Include your keywords above in the TAGS.

Use the 3 Packages under the Scope and Pricing if you can. If you can’t differentiate yet, just do the basic – just emphasize what you’ll give them for $5 (5-sec of animation, 10-sec of animation, etc.).

In the Description and FAQ, you are given 1200 characters. Make sure to:

  • Include your keywords
  • Emphasize the value that are you giving to them
  • Reassure them of your quality work
  • Make mention that you want to be contacted first before the actual order (to avoid wrong expectations)
  • Highlight what you want to emphasize (yes, that yellow-colored highlighter!)
  • Add FAQs so they’ll know what you will and will not do


2. Create an inspiring Animated Explainer in your intro

Since you’d like to sell animated explainers, you must give them a taste of what you can do. Present your gig with a 30-sec or 60sec video explaining what you’d want to do for them.

That way, they’ll already get a feel of what kind of animation they can expect from you.

Don’t forget to say “exclusively in Fiverr” at the end of the video.

Otherwise, it won’t be published by Fiverr.


3. Get better everyday

As you probably know, I’ve been using Powtoon in my animated explainers. There are a lot of DIY animated explainer software out there that you can master – Animatron, Animaker, Videoscribe, Moovly, etc.

You can view 3 of my reviewed software here, here and here or go through briefly the other 7 best DIY animated explainer video software here.

Once you’ve decided what software to use, stick to it for at least 12 months serving different clients.

That way, you will continue to learn the ins and outs of the software. I said 12 months because I’d encourage you to subscribe for a business account (normally it’s a year-long subscription) to be more professional (finished product without watermarks),

Continue to get better everyday by doing animations continuously, with or without clients.

Ask the support team how things are done, watch how others do it and then rinse and repeat.

Continue to update your animated explainer skills as you go along.


4. Under-promise, Over-deliver

Do not promise too much especially on your first few clients.

In fact, don’t promise at all. Comfort them however that you’ll do the best you can.

As you go through the process of animation, consider the best templates, acts or characters that the script is asking.

Play around with your creativity. Understand what the client is asking and give them what they more than deserve.

If you’ll over-deliver regardless of your promise, you’ll surely have 5-star reviews.

One 5-star review can lead to a 2nd job. A 2nd 5-star review can then lead to 3rd, 4th, and so on.


5. Be Sincere

Converse with your clients first.

That’s the very reason why you need to emphasize to contact you first before they engage with you. Ask for the script and voiceover and assess it carefully.

If you think, it’s doable, commit 100% to your clients. Otherwise, decline politely.

Once you’ll have the job, use the Custom Offer functionality as much as possible. That way, you can adjust the price and the number of days to your advantage.

Just don’t go overboard by overpricing (unless you don’t want the job really – another way of saying no to the job!).


6. Do Unlimited Revisions

Offer unlimited revisions especially when you’re starting. There may be clients that will ask unreasonably, but as experienced, revisions would average to only 5-6.

Thus, even if some clients would ask 10 times until they’re satisfied, others would only take you one or two minor changes before they’d complete the job and give you your well-deserved 5 stars.

My services may not necessarily include the number of revisions, but my animated explainer products these days would make my clients ask for 2-3 revisions only.

The more you do the stuffs that you’re already well-adept with, the less likely that you’ll be asked to revise a thousand times.

So don’t worry.

That’s one perceived value for your clients that will make you really stand out.


7. Deliver ahead of time

One reason why I normally do Custom Offer is to extend the number of days to 15 to 20 days for a 3-5 min work.

I can actually do them in less than 5 days, again doing part-time, but if they agree to it at least you’d be assured that you can do the job without too much pressure from the client and from other stuffs that you do (whether that’s your 9-5 job or other clients’).

Unlike others, I don’t leverage the time to upsell. That’s not just my thing.

With more clients on queue though, because you’ve adjusted your time to the max, you’d be perceived by prospective clients that you’re a busy man.

Once you submit it half the time faster, you’ll gain a reputation that’d be beneficial for your next sets of clients.


Spilling The Beans


Did I just spill the beans?

Not just yet…

Consider this as a bonus.



Risk something!  Give them a 15-sec. sampler for FREE!

Not everybody does this.

For a minute fraction of your time, you could increase your chance of acquiring quality clients who would give you 5-star reviews (almost always the case!).

At the end of the day, it’s really all about quality and superb customer service that you are willing to give to your clients.

Money comes in naturally.



That’s it!

That’s my point of view on how to make money in Fiverr doing animation.

If you have more time to do it, expect much more returns.

Hope this helps.

Thank me later when you’ll make your share of the pie in Fiverr.

And when you do, pls. feel free to share these tips so we can maximize proliferating Fiverr with remarkable animation gigs.

Happy Animating!

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