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Long Tail Pro Cloud Review: A Definitive Guide In Finding Killer Keywords


I have purchased my first Long Tail Pro in 2014.

Since that was a lifetime license, I’m still enjoying the desktop version despite having the Long Tail Pro Cloud version to date.

I tried the Long Tail Platinum to access the Long Tail Pro University twice but eventually went back to the plain, old LTP since I couldn’t use it without opening my laptop.

In my comparison between the Jaaxy Pro and Long Tail Pro here, I couldn’t help but enjoy the Jaaxy’s online tool since I could check on some keyword ideas anytime for as long as I have my smartphone with me.

But since Long Tail Platinum is already available in the cloud, I’m having this Long Tail Pro Cloud review.

It’s a version that thousands of Long Tail Pro followers have been waiting for.

But has it done a good job thus far?

Since it was rolled out in September 2016, I’ve explored the tool quite heavily to see if it meets my expectation.


Here’s a quick peek of what’s inside this Long Tail Pro Cloud Review.


Long Tail Pro Cloud Review Table of Contents

– What Is Long Tail Pro Cloud (a.k.a Long Tail Platinum)?
– Who Owns Long Tail Pro Cloud?
Who should use Long Tail Pro Cloud?
How does Long Tail Pro Cloud Work?
My Thoughts on the Product
– My Personal Use
– Using Long Tail Pro Cloud Commercially
Long Tail Pro Cloud PROS and CONS
Long Tail Pro Cloud Added Features
Long Tail Pro Cloud Support
Long Tail Pro Cloud Review Conclusion
How To Subscribe To Long Tail Pro Cloud




What is Long Tail Pro Cloud (a.k.a Long Tail Platinum)?

Long Tail Pro Cloud is the cloud version of Long Tail Platinum.

That means you no longer necessarily need a desktop to do a thorough keyword research on your preferred niche.

You may use your Smart phones or tablets in finding good keywords wherever and whenever.Non Long Tail Pro Platinum users have KC's locked

Long Tail Pro Cloud is equivalent to the Long Tail Platinum where the Keyword Competitiveness (KC Score) is accessible.

In the past, only Long Tail Platinum users can access the KC option.

Ordinary subscribers of Long Tail Pro have KC’s locked.

Keyword Competitiveness scores may not be a 100% assurance that you’d get to the first page of Google, but it’s a good leading indicator that you can start from there.

That’s one good thing about Long Tail Pro Cloud.

Everybody can now access the Keyword Competitiveness of the keyword tool.


Who owns Long Tail Pro Cloud?

Spencer Haws, the popular guy who runs NichePursuits.com was the original owner of Long Tail Pro.

He grew up in Messa Arizona and now lives in Richland, WA where his wife grew up (for a family man myself, it’s good to know he’s a family man with 4 kids!).

He also graduated with Business Management from BYU in 2002 at age 21.

Spencer Haws of Long Tail Pro_spiced up in toonSpencer’s work ethics were incredible as he also got his MBA from Arizona State University in 2007 (his back up plan) while performing his duties as a Relationship Manager at Wells Fargo Bank from 2005 to 2009.

He finally quit his job on March 2011 to focus on his thriving online businesses.

You can check out more about his background here.

Bottom line, Spencer’s a real guy.

Though Spencer is by no means a programmer (he didn’t write a single code in Long Tail Pro), he was able to sell the software to the new owner at a very competitive price.

His exit was so timely that both parties were happy of the sale’s outcome.

It’s noteworthy to mention as well that the Long Tail Pro Software steadily increased in revenue and profit since 2011.

Long Tail Pro revenue 2011-2015

Photo credits c/o Spencer Haws of nichepursuits.com

Over a period of 5 years, he was able to sell his 80% stake for a great profit.

He retains 20% ownership as a passive investor.

It’s also good to know that the new owner has been a good associate of his the past 3 years prior to the sale (which happened in February 2016) and that their ideas moving forward are remarkably similar.

I can’t talk much about the new owner except that the staff’s are also cool (so far based on their responses in my Long Tail Pro Tickets).

The new owner of Long Tail Pro is a private equity group with a total of 15 investors.


Who should use Long Tail Pro Cloud?

  • Small Business Owners
  • Web Business Owners
  • Internet Marketers
  • Niche Marketer
  • Podcasters
  • Vloggers
  • Bloggers
  • You


If you’re one of them, you’d probably want to rank some keywords at some point in time.

If you’re a small business owner operating at a local scene, you’d probably want to rank on long tail keywords like “nearest dental clinic to me”, “where to find carpenters in Singapore”, “where to eat breakfast in toronto downtown”, etc.

If you’re a vlogger, you may want to rank some keywords for your Youtube channel.

If you’re a niche marketer focusing on Amazon, you may want to check Long Tail Pro Cloud’s Set Rank Value function (more on this later!).

It’ll make your life much easier!

Same is true if you’re an Internet Marketer or a blogger.

Though it’s wiser to also look at trends from Google Trends and Social Media places, starting from historical data of what people are already looking for is simply too tempting to pass up.

This is what keyword research is all about.

And this is where LTP Cloud exudes with excellence.

So if you belong to one or a couple of groups above, you should consider Long Tail Pro Cloud as a weapon of necessity rather than luxury.


How does Long Tail Pro Cloud Work?

Keyword Allocation

After selecting your preferred pricing, Starter, Pro or Agency Plan (regardless if it’s Monthly or Annual), you’ll see a display similar to this.

LOng Tail Pro Cloud _remaining keywords


You’ll notice at the topmost portion 10,000 of 10,000 (or 25,000 of 25,000 or 60,000 of 60,000) as your keyword allocation.

Depending on your usage, you may or may not consume everything that you’ve been allocated for.

I consumed only about 1500 keywords on my first month since I wasn’t very active.

Hopefully this time, I’ll find more time and eagerness to research for keywords for my own or for clients’ requirements.

I may upgrade it to the Pro plan in a couple of months if my freelance plans would push through.


Adding a Project

At first, you won’t be able to see anything at the left portion of the display since you haven’t started anything yet.

As you add a project, you’ll start building the list of project names (normally related to the keywords that you’re looking for) at the left side of the screen.

Click the Add Project and start searching for your keywords.

Your Project name will be indicated at the middle of your page.

In this case it’s Weight Loss.


Keying Seed Keywords

Google Adwords Suggestion

By default, you’ll be using the Seed Keywords box of Google Adwords Suggestion.

List down 5 of your keyword intents. You may define any number as Max results per seed keyword. If there are 50 possible combinations of your certain keywords, then 50 credits will be deducted from your keyword allocation.

Thus, if you have an initial of 10,000 and you’ve defined 5 seed keywords which resulted to 50 keywords on each, then that’s 250 less, resulting to a balance of 9,750 keywords for the month.

You may filter using Monthly Searches with Min and Max figures, Suggested Bid as well as Advertiser competition, however, pre-filter settings are ignored for seed keywords.

Digging Further

If you want to explore further on certain keywords, you can dig further (for lack of better name!).Long Tail Pro Cloud further keyword suggestions

You may dig on each keyword further by clicking that blue button on the right that looks like a magnifying glass.

It will bring back 20 keywords related to your specific keyword, provided there are still recommendable keywords.

You may do so until it can no longer suggest any other keyword.

In this case, I tried to do further research on belly fat burner cream.

It tried to suggest keywords, but since there were less or zero keywords, it displayed “Sorry, no suggestions were found on “belly fat burner cream”.


My Thoughts On The Product

My Personal Use

I’ve been using Long Tail Pro Cloud for more than a month now.

Except for the glitches that it had when it started to roll out in September, everything seems to be much better now.

In fact, I’m elated!

I’ve been using it for this site as well as for other planned sites and niches and so far, I’m enjoying each experience.

Looking for great keywords to build a project/site/article on is even addicting.

Long Tail Pro Cloud makes my keyword research a thousand times easier enjoying most of the results.

Ideas for contents just keep flowing as I sometimes see keywords I haven’t even thought about. That’s probably why I can come up with hundreds of keywords from a simple seed keyword.

Long Tail keywords are even more exciting every time they pop up.

I’ll continue to use the cloud version of Long Tail Platinum not just to do keyword research but to also help the new owners in any way I can to further improve the software.

I know there are a few things that can be tweaked to make keyword researching more satisfying, but the creators have to be fed with quality inputs from their customers.

If one day Long Tail Pro Cloud becomes even more successful, I’d be more fulfilled to have contributed regardless how minute it would be.


Using Long Tail Pro Cloud Commercially

Truthfully, I may not be able to create hundreds of contents or projects related to the thousands of keywords that I generated using this tool.

Some of them have even been exported to a CSV file thus, they’re occupying spaces in my hard drive.

Thus, I thought of doing something about it.

As of today, I’m thinking of doing any of these 3 simple things that might convert some passive keywords to productive ones.


1. Create an ebook for 30 niches with at least 500 keywords each. That’s about 15,000 keywords that specific audiences (with no access to a powerful keyword tool like LTP Cloud) may grab in exchange of their email addresses.

2. List down a hundred keywords on certain niches for a blog post. Since I won’t be creating contents on all the keywords found when researching, I might as well give it away through a blog post. I might create a full category giving away keywords under niches that I don’t have so much interest in.

3. Create a gig in Fiverr. To date, there are hundreds of entries under Keyword Research or SEO. That’s simply because people still look for keywords. Instead of paying monthly for $27, $37 or $47 for keyword research tools, they’d rather pay a one-time fee for  500 or 800 keywords related to their niches. That’s where I can also probably come in. Haven’t done it yet, but things may change in the next couple of weeks.


That’s one advantage of owning Long Tail Pro Cloud.

You can even start at $1 for 7 days. That’s already a lot if you’re not doing either of the 3 above.

Just a simple tip.

Focus on certain keywords that you’ll create projects soon after having the keyword suggestions. Click the Suggest button as often as you can until no keywords are suggested.

That way, you can maximize your 7 days for a dollar.



Long Tail Pro Cloud PROs and CONs

Let me walk you through a number Long Tail Pro Cloud Pros and Cons at least from my own perspective.

The objective of this is simple: to keep you objectively informed of what is likeable and unlikeable about the product from a standpoint of a user who also holds other powerful keyword research tools.

That somehow lessens, if not eliminate, my bias towards the product.

The PROs.

  1. Smooth Learning Curve
  2. More Thorough Competition Analysis
  3. Sufficient Training Materials
  4. Availability of Relative Filters
  5. Easy Sorting


1. Smooth Learning Curve. 

Some of the keyword tools out there are just too complicated to explore.

Long Tail Pro Cloud version was probably designed for any type of beginner as it’s remarkably easy to use.


After naming the project, punch in your keywords (5 at a time), define how many results per seed keyword, click Retrieve Adword Suggestions and that’s it!

You’d be on a roll.


2. More Thorough Competition Analysis

Although the Avg. Keyword Competitiveness Score is a good way to start to look for the easiest keyword to rank for, going further on analytics can even give you an advantage. Long Tail Pro Cloud_Competition Analysis portrayed with toons

Going for each of the 10 URL’s that are ranking and checking how weak or strong they are in terms of relevance (whether they’re using the exact keyword match or not), Trust Flow (measures the quality of links to the URL), Citation Flow (measures the link equity or “juice” the website carries) and Site age (2 years or less would be great.

Other essential factors to consider are Domain Trust Flow, Domain Citation Flow, External Back Links, Page Referring Domains, Root Referring Domains, Indexed URLs and Internal Links.


3. Sufficient Training Materials

When the software was rolled out, there were only about 5 or 6 initial video tutorials, a.k.a Bootcamps, to explain how things work under Long Tail Pro Cloud.

As of this writing, there are 14 bootcamp lessons under the Video Tutorials section.

Although there’s some form of finality with Video 14, I think there will be more tutorials especially if members would request for further detailing.

Let me list them all down for your reference.

Bootcamp Lesson 1. Finding Seed Keywords

Bootcamp Lesson 2. Understanding Intention and Finding Better Seed Keywords

Bootcamp Lesson 3. Seed Keyword and Basic Keyword Research

Bootcamp Lesson 4. Competitor Analysis

Bootcamp Lesson 5. Using Rank Value To Determine Keyword Profitability

Bootcamp Lesson 6. Combining Keywords and Serp Crossover

Bootcamp Lesson 7. On-Page SEO

Bootcamp Lesson 8. Site Structure and Silos

Bootcamp Lesson 9. How To Fill Out Your Silos

Bootcamp Lesson 10. Outsourcing Your Content

Bootcamp Lesson 11. Outreach

Bootcamp Lesson 12. Beyond Google

Bootcamp Lesson 13. More On-Page SEO

Bootcamp Lesson 14. The Final Day


4. Availability of Filters

Filters are outstandingly useful in sorting your searches.

Since there were about 728 keywords that came out of my seed keywords and further keyword suggestions, I could easily filter words accordingly.

In this case, I looked for all keywords containing the keyword “belly”. There were 31 out of 728 that showed up.

Long Tail Pro Cloud_ Include Keywords Containing

I then filtered it further by excluding KC’s that were greater than 40.

It resulted to only 8.

Of course you can adjust the filter such that the KC would display only figures according to your satisfaction. The lesser the number though, the lesser keyword results will probably show up.

Safe number is 35.

If no keywords are displayed, it’ll report back “Sorry, there are no results matching your filters!”

To go back to the original keyword search, just tick the “x” in the filter section.


5. Easy Sorting

You can also sort out all keyword researches according to the following:

Keywords – according to alphabetical order

Favorites – Add Keywords to your favourites

Bid – The Suggested Advertiser bid is calculated by taking into account the Costs-Per-Click (CPCs) that advertisers are paying for this keyword for the location and the Search Network Settings you’ve selected. The amount is only a forecast and your actual cost-per-click may vary.

Competition – A value of Low, Medium or High indicating amount of advertisers for each keyword relative to all keywords across Google for the location and Search Network targeting that you’ve selected.

Words – total number of words in the keyword. It’s designed to help you filter and sort the number of words.

Rank Value – the estimated monthly value of ranking in the top organic search result. This is calculated using the Adwords suggested bid and and estimated click-through-rate, but you can customize it for Google Adwords, Amazon Affiliate or a custom visitor value using the “Set Rank Value” option in the Bulk Actions dropdown.

Avg. KC – a number from 0 to 100 that measures how difficult it is to rank on the first page of Google for the keyword. This metric is calculated using the page title, Majestic Trust Flow and Citation flow, links, site age, and other factors of the top 10 results found in Google for the keyword. Higher numbers indicate a higher level of keyword difficulty.


I often use the sort functions for Avg. KC and Volume before I jump into creating contents. It’s in that order as I don’t quite mind if the volume is low.

I normally look for keywords lesser than 35 regardless of volume.

If you’ll find low Avg. KC on your niche with at least a thousand searches a month for the volume, then that’s a probable goldmine.



The CONs

  1. Relatively New
  2. Can’t Key In Keywords Anywhere
  3. Missing Rank Checker
  4. Unavailable Domain Availability Function
  5. Inaccurate Error Messages


1. Relatively New 

Being new to the market has its own birth pains, thus disadvantages.

Since Long Tail Pro Cloud is barely 3 months old (as of this post), some glitches could be encountered.

In fact, I’ve raised some support tickets to clean up those unnecessary bugs.

However, since it’s the same Long Tail Platinum that members were accustomed to (great relationships with Spencer Haws helped it to soar as it is today), the acceptance of the market isn’t as difficult.

It may take time to bring out some flaws (corrupted data like volume with 1001, 100100, etc., bids worth $9,999.99,etc.) but I’m sure it’ll be further cleaned up.


2. Can’t key in keywords anywhere

Because you have to group your keywords according to the projects, you can’t key in keywords without looking for or creating new projects.

This takes time especially if you already have thousands of keywords under dozens of Projects.

You have to go to the related projects and key in the relative keywords.

If there is just one box that can be used to key in keywords regardless of niches but would be segregated accordingly after the search, it’d be much easier.


3. Missing Rank Checker

What’s noticeable in the Long Tail Pro Cloud version is the non-existence of the Rank Checker.

While you can input your URL and keyword in the desktop version to identify where it’s ranked in Google, Yahoo and Bing, you just can’t do it in the LTP Platinum cloud.

It would have been a helpful function just to check if your keyword is ranking or otherwise.

Though there are third parties like SEMRUSH and SERPLAB where you can just key in your url/keyword to check your rank, it would have been easier if you were doing it from one software.


4. Unavailable Domain Availability Function

The new management has decided to get rid of domain availability function as it no longer believes in exact match domains.

So if you’re still thinking of looking for good keywords with low KCs and relatively high volume and registering them with a .com, you’ll somehow get frustrated with Long Tail Pro Cloud.


5. Inaccurate Error Messages

I tried to research the keyword “cartoon marketing”.

It went back with a message

“No keyword suggestions found matching your filter settings for seed keyword ‘cartoon marketing’. Try broadening your search filters or using a more common phrase.”

However, there was indeed a result.

Long Tail Pro Cloud result for cartoon marketing


I also tried “best left handed wireless mouse” but it simply returned:

“Data wasn’t available for ‘best left handed wireless mouse’. In most cases this is because Google does not provide search volume data for those keywords. Try shortening this term or using a more common phrase.”

Though it’s probably not so much of a big deal to many, especially that they might consider it as a waste of credits, I still think this needs to be improved.



Long Tail Pro Cloud Added Features


Set Rank Value

Long Tail Pro Cloud has added a Set Rank Value function under the Bulk Actions tab.

To me, this is indeed a critical deciding factor in building a content or a project on certain keywords or not especially if you’re considering profitability.

Let’s face it.

Not all keywords are profitable.

They do somehow work in other useful ways to make your pages rank.

Thus, if you’ll consider profitability as part of the equation, you must take a peek at the Set Value Rank function.

You may configure it for Adsense, Amazon Affiliate or a more Customized one.

It simply means that if your preferred keyword is on the first page of Google, then most likely, you’ll probably have that monetary value each month.

It’s an estimate, but it’s good enough to play with considering that some keywords are more competitive than others.

Just click the keyword that you’d like to examine, click Bulk Action tab, change it to Set Rank Value and click Apply.Long Tail Pro Clouc_Set Rank Value

You may then define the Earning Methods either Adsense, Amazon Affiliate or Custom (for commissions, ebook, video, etc.).

In this case, since it’s a tangible product I set it to Amazon Affiliate with an Average Purchase Price of $10.

Click Save and that’s it!

With 1600 Search Volume, the keyword “cheap gaming mouse” could probably give you $30 a month when it’s on page 1.

With that result, you can have a much easier option to not pursue that project.

You may change your Earning Methods to either Adsense or Custom and see different results (when the value was changed to $9, supposing that’s the value of your commission or ebook, you may generate $4,499 a month).

Set Rank Value_Custom $9_created in Powtoon


That’s how critical this information is.

Of course that’s just an assumption. Your conversion rate can depend on many other factors.

Just do your very best to convert them from visitors to fans to raving fans a.k.a. buyers.


Manual Keyword Entry.

If you’re familiar of Uber Suggest (ubersuggest.io), the Manual Keyword Entry function of Long Tail Pro Cloud is greatly helpful.

Just enter your seed keyword in Uber Suggest, i.e. “weight loss“, and click View as text.

Copy all resulting keywords and paste it inside the Manual Keyword Entry box (separate multiple keywords with new lines).

You can paste up to 2000 keywords provided you still have sufficient credits.

Click Retrieve Keyword Data and wait for hundreds of keyword suggestions.

This is appropriately helpful as you’ll encounter dozens, if not hundreds, of keywords with surprisingly low KCs and relatively high monthly search volumes that you haven’t actually thought of.

Don’t worry about your credits though.

If you’ll eventually find it helpful for you and for others (especially if you’re considering of commercializing your keyword research skill), then it’d be time to upgrade from Starter plan to Pro.

You’ll probably not consume 25,000 keywords in a month by then.



Long Tail Pro Support_email exchanges with AtulLong Tail Pro Cloud Support

The new management of Long Tail Pro is fairly responsive.

Just don’t expect a 24-hour turnaround time.

Understandably so.

The first 2 months after they rolled out, there were a lot to fix.

Thus, there were a lot of us complaining.

The good thing though was that they were highly motivated to fix the issues.

In fact, when I got too many 1001, 10001, 100100, etc. (they called it corrupted data), they even asked for the the CSV file and manually fixed them.

I think that was an extra mile.

If you’re having issues about the product, just click that speech bubble at the bottom right of the screen and you’ll have your answers in the next 48-72 hours.

I haven’t raised tickets recently, thus I wouldn’t know if they have improved a lot.

One thing for sure.

You’ll be taken care of.



Long Tail Pro Cloud Review Conclusion

Long Tail Platinum or Long Tail Pro Cloud (probably it’ll be more known as Long Tail Pro Cloud in 2017), is definitely worth your $37 per month if you’re a beginner.

You may probably not consume 10,000 keywords in a month unless you have a very specific purpose of the tool.

With all the PROs and CONs, features and potential of the tool featured in this guide, which probably is the most definitive one in the market today, it could be one of your best investments in the online world. Long Tail Platinum cloud version conclusion

You can absolutely subscribe on an annual plan, which is much lesser compared to the monthly plan, but just to be extra certain if you’re really happy with the tool or not, feel the monthly plan first.

You can upgrade to annual anytime you wish.

It’s my second month now at the Monthly Starter plan.

I do have a special rate since I already bought the lifetime license about 2 years ago.

So far, I’m pretty much contented with the tool.

In fact, I’m happy with it.

As a long-time user of Long Tail Pro, the cloud version is indeed a great welcome.

Using it anytime regardless of what I’m doing where and what I’m using it with was one of my wish lists then for Long Tail Pro.

And now that it’s here, I just can’t let it pass.




How To Subscribe To Long Tail Pro Cloud

Long Tail Pro cloud pricing (displayed with Powtoon hand)With all the benefits and features of Long Tail Pro Cloud, you should at least try the tool for 7 days.

For a dollar, you can gather all the keywords that you want for 70 hours or more (if you’ll do it in at least 10 hours a day!) and experience what I’ve been referring to above.

Visit here or click that image to start the trial.

After 7 days, you’ll be automatically set to a 1 month subscription until you’ll cancel it.

Just raise a ticket to the support team (that speech bubble at the lower right) that you’re no longer pursuing the monthly subscription.

They’ll attend to you the soonest.

Meaning, you won’t be billed with $37 any longer.

That was what I did prior to my monthly subscription.

If you’re happy otherwise, just keep it for 30 days and explore the tool as much as you can.

You may be surprised how much keywords are there in your niche that are waiting to be uncovered.

And given the right content, you might just come up with a money page one of these days.

Enjoy digging!



Long Tail Pro Cloud Review


User Experience




Competition Analysis







  • Smooth Learning Curve
  • More Thorough Competition Analysis
  • Sufficient Training Materials
  • Availability of Relative Filters
  • Easy Sorting


  • Relatively New
  • Can't key in keywords anywhere
  • Missing Rank Checker
  • No Domain Availability Function
  • Inaccurate Error Messages
  • Simon says:

    Thanks for your review on Long Tail Cloud. I haven’t heard of this company but having read your review it sounds comparable to Wealthy Affiliates members keyword tool which I use daily.
    How accurate would you say it is when compared to Jaaxy. Have you ever compared keywords with both?
    I would be very interested to hear how both companies compare.
    I don’t blame you using this long term if you have purchased a lifetimes licence.
    I never write a post without checking the keyword tool. What I think would make a suitable title never produces good results with the keyword tool, I always use the alternative suggestions which show monthly traffic figures and how much competition there is from other websites using the same.
    Does Long Tail Pro show monthly traffic figures and competition like Jaaxy?
    Thanks again for your detailed review,

    • Jojo says:

      HI Simon!

      I have also subscribed to Jaaxy Enterprise.

      Jaaxy’s QSR is Long Tail Pro’s KC.

      I have been comparing some keywords and I could say most of their results are identical.

      There are a few other keywords though that according to LTP is easier to rank for as far as KC is concerned (below 30) but Jaaxy is saying otherwise (ex. does wealthy affiliate work).

      What I want though with Long Tail Pro is the Manual Entry.

      There are just some keywords that you haven’t thought of but would just pop up if you’d use the Ubersuggest.

      I find it difficult to do in Jaaxy since the results are limited.

      The Keyword Tool in Wealthy Affiliate is also good but you have to click each keyword suggestion to know the QSR.

      I hope I answered your question.



  • Derek Marshall says:

    Hi there Jojo

    An outstanding and rather extensive review. Long tail pro now interests me that is is cloud based – a reason as why I would nt touch it in the past and prefered Jaaxy.

    Just out of interest how would you rate this in comparison to Jaaxy?

    Keep in mind I am a blogger and regularly creat content (daily)

    • Jojo says:

      Hi Derek!

      The Manual Entry of Long Tail Pro is a very powerful function since you can simply input Ubersuggest recommended keywords and filter the KC’s accordingly.

      I can actually rate both of them at the higher end of the graph, but depending on what your needs are, you can sometimes favor one over the other.

      Sometimes I have questions in accuracy with LTP Cloud but I tolerate it somehow because it’s been rolled out only a few months ago.

      Bu then again, if you want to find hundreds of keywords in a shorter period of time, Long Tail Pro is an advantage.

      I suggest you try it for 7 days. For a dollar, you can further relate to what I’ve just described.



  • Bruno says:

    That was really a long review. I have heard it for the first time but comparing to what I know a keyword search tool is about. I think Long tail pro cloud is a good one.
    How accurate can this tool be? does it give a real time data from all search engines?

    • Jojo says:

      Hi Bruno!

      It does.

      As to its accuracy, I can’t tell 100%.

      The only way for me to tell is to try some keywords with low KCs and competitions that are not quite using the exact match.

      I’ll keep you posted.



  • Owen says:

    Thanks for your review on Long Tail Cloud Pro. As someone who is just starting into online business, is it worth it to purchase this software over using free software that gives you the same results? How different is Long Tail Pro from free programs like Jaaxy or Keysearch? What makes it better than free versions?
    Thanks again for your Review! Very helpful!

    • Jojo says:

      Hi Owen!

      Jaaxy is pretty powerful! As simple as that. For non-WA members however, I find it difficult how they’ll contact the support from inside Jaaxy. Free versions of Jaaxy is only for 30 keywords. That’s not a lot.

      Another advantage of Long Tail Pro Cloud is the Manual entry where you can enter hundreds or thousands of keywords all at once. As long as there’s data to process, you can filter the KC’s and cherry-pick keywords that you’d like to build content on. Free version of Long Tail Pro is for unlimited keywords but you have to do it within 7 days. I think that’s a much better free version (well, it’sclose to FREE since it’s $1 for the trial).


  • Jonathan says:

    This is a good information. I have been looking for an alternative tool for keyword searches. The thorough review and $1 7 day trial is very appealing for me. I will definitely try their site and compare it to Jaaxy. I have been using jaaxy ever since, but also open to trying new tool that could provide more information.

    • Jojo says:

      Thanks Jon!

      You can definitely compare the power of both tools.

      Each has its own advantages and limitations, but for $1 and unlimited (almost!) keywords, trying Long Tail Pro Cloud and comparing it to your existing keyword tool is a must.

      Looking forward to what you have to say.



  • Mikael says:

    I have tried a few different Keyword research tools before. This sounds like it might be worth considering. Looks like there are a lot of options. Would have been great with a rank checker though. But sounds great that I can get a good try for $1 and look what it has to offer before having to commit to pay more. Maybe the trial period will be enough to get keywords for the next year:-)

    • Jojo says:

      Hi Mikael!

      That’s actually what I did with my first 7 days.

      Gathered all the keywords in my niche.

      I went to ubersuggest, copied the keywords that I preferred and pasted them in Long Tail Pro Cloud.

      As long as the data can be collected by LTP, it’ll get back with pretty good sets of keywords.

      By the way, just a week ago, they already have this rank checker.

      I do encourage you to check it out and compare with your existing keyword tool.



  • Kathy says:

    Thank you for this review. This is the first time I have heard about Long Tail Pro Cloud but reading your review it seems like this keyword tool has a lot to offer. I like it that they have a $1 7 day trial period within which we could test it out. I always make it a point to understand and see first-hand what a product offers before I spend on it.

    You are right, having no rank checker in the cloud version is a disadvantage as it would have been better to have this in the same platform for user ease. How much is the lifetime license by the way?

    • Jojo says:

      Hi Kathy!

      They now have a rank checker. It came out just last week.

      They don’t have a lifetime license, instead they have annual and monthly billing cycles.

      It’s worth checking indeed. After all, for a dollar, you’ll have as much keywords as you like in a span of 7 days.

      Enjoy researching!



  • Christian says:

    I have heard about Long Tail Pro in my online travels, and I have heard of many success stories that come as a result of using the product.

    I am a Jaaxy user myself, which is another keyword research tool created by the owners of Wealthy Affiliate, an affiliate marketing training community. It has been working quite well for me thus far, and I think you mentioned that you also use Jaaxy. What’s the difference between the two ultimately?

    • Jojo says:

      Hi Christian!

      One difference betwwen Long Tail Pro Cloud and Jaaxy is that LTP can process hundreds or even thousands of keywords at the same time. Just go to Ubersuggest or equivalent, copy the suggested keywords and paste them to the tool. LTP will then process them accordingly.

      As to the accuracy, they both have their wins and limitations. I’m currently trying a lot of keywords through these tools and see which would rank in Google much faster.

      Hope that helps.



  • Riaz Shah says:

    Hey Jojo,
    Wow very detailed review on Long Tail Pro, I’ve been dying to give it a try for a while now but have never thought of how different it can be with Jaaxy.

    I’m a bit blurry on the manual entry part though, how exactly do we manually key in hundreds of keywords at once, pretty cool feature 😀

    • Jojo says:

      Hi Riaz!

      I find it useful by going to https://ubersuggest.io/

      Enter the keyword. View as text.

      Copy all the keywords (ex. weight loss has 360 keywords) and paste it in the Manual Entry portion of LTP.

      Dig deeper again in ubersuggest and rinse and repeat it with Long Tail Pro.

      You won’t find everything in LTP because of those Ubersuggest results may have fewer than 10 monthly views but you’ll be surprised of some keywords that you haven’t thought of.

      It’s really cool to try for 7 days.



  • ht says:

    Thanks for reviewing the Long Tail Pro Cloud. It’s good to be assured that its a credible product and also some comparison with Jaaxy. Been curious about it and how it help me in my online business. Have you found any other similar apps and made a comparison with it? If you have, I look forward to reading it. Thanks again for doing a wonderful review and love what you do. Keep it up

    • Jojo says:

      Hi ht!

      Thanks for going through it.

      Apart from LTP Cloud and Jaaxy, I haven’t really looked at other keyword tools. There’s actually no point to have too many tools unless my intention is to review all of them.

      Who knows I’ll stumble upon other tools some other time. Will let you know.

      Thanks again!

  • Sue says:

    Wow, your review is very in depth. I learned a lot from it. I just have one question. In the beginning you mentioned Jaaxy, which I am familiar with and have tried the free version. I was just wondering how you would compare the two. I am a beginner at keyword researching and I am not sure that I would be able to take full advantage of this particular tool. Thanks for any help you could give me.

    • Jojo says:

      HI Sue!

      Both keyword tools have their strengths and advantages.

      Comparing with Jaaxy’s free version, Long Tail Pro cloud is definitely a win. Just sign in for a dollar and you’ll have as many keywords as you want within 7 days.

      Though Jaaxy has a free version, you’ll be limited with 30 keywords.

      I did try the Jaaxy Pro but I’d say the Jaaxy Enterprise is more worth it. Since you already have a free Keyword tool in WA, might as well go for the Jaaxy Enterprise. It’s a lot faster and the QSR filtering is functional.

      On the other hand, it’ll also be worth to try the Long Tail Pro Starter plan even for a month since you’ll have 10,000 keywords to play with in 30 days. If you’re not a heavy user, it’s more than enough. The KC filtering (just like QSR) is also functional in the Starter plan.

      I hope it helps.



  • Lucia says:

    H,i Jojo, I was an old user of LTP desktop, who later on switched to the cloud version due to the Google Keyword Planner changes which rendered the Desktop version useless. Being focused on international marketing, I found some serious shortcomings of Cloud vs the Desktop version
    No Global searches
    No Country specific searches
    In many cases the tool returned far less results that Google KW Planner. ( Even in the USA).
    It worked OK if you were researching the USA, but for everything else it would not be suitable. There was supposed to be an upgrade in the works to obtain the full old LTP functionality, but I got tired waiting and finally disactivated the account for the time being. Are you aware if theses issues have been fixed?? I would love to have the LTP desktop functionality with the cloud speed , I would definitively activate the account again if so.
    Thanks for your feedback

    • Jojo says:

      Hi Lucia!

      I’m sorry I overlooked this.

      I’m from the Philippines and I found LTP to function just as I needed it to be. There were initially advantages in the desktop version like the Rank Checker but the Cloud picked up.

      As to the Global and Country specific searches, I can’t comment much. I’ll get back to you though.


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