Long Tail Pro vs Jaaxy: Which Is The Better Keyword Tool Today?

Long Tail Pro Vs Jaaxy: 9 Comparisons That Will Give You The Best Value

Ok, why Long Tail Pro vs Jaaxy in the first place (or should I say, Jaaxy vs Long Tail Pro)?

You must have heard of Google Keyword Planner, Niche Finder, Keyword Spy, Keyword Elite, Keyword Discovery, Power Suggest Pro and probably a dozen more.

You can Google “Long Tail Pro vs…”, “Market Samurai vs…”, “Wordtracker vs…” and you’ll get a pretty good idea of who the good players are in the Keyword Research industry.

Ok, probably Long Tail Pro and Jaaxy may be two of the better players, but not necessarily the best and most expensive in the industry today. However, since I’ve got a hand on both of them, it’s only appropriate that they’ll be the ones to be grilled in this comparison.

This post is not necessarily a detailed review on each tool, but you’ll have a basic glimpse of how good (or bad) they are. Hopefully, you can already have an initial assessment of what they can or cannot do.

To give you an overview of what’s in store, here’s a table of contents.

Table Of Contents

What Are The Criteria in Comparing Long Tail Pro vs Jaaxy?
How Does The Comparison Work?
The 9 Comparisons That Should Give You The Best Value
Keyword Research
In-Depth Competitor Analysis
Export Results
In-Depth Tutorial
Site Rank Accuracy
Long Tail Pro vs Jaaxy: Which Has My Vote?

What Are The Criteria in Comparing Long Tail Pro vs Jaaxy?

I’ll be dwelling on 9 aspects that will give you the best value in comparing both softwares. It might even put you to some points of confusions, especially if you already are using other keyword research tools, but rest assured they are packed with real, updated information.
Comparison of Long Tail Pro and Jaaxy

Here are the 9 Criteria for judging.

  1. Keyword Research (15%) – includes ease of use, functionality and accuracy
  2. In-depth Competitor Analysis (15%) – analyzing competitions’ weaknesses and strengths
  3. Support (10%) – basic support system whether it’s a community or helpdesk
  4. Speed (10%) – the amount of time that your keyword displays the results
  5. Mobility (10%) – are they available beyond laptops?
  6. Export Results (10%) – based on how the keywords are organized and exported
  7. In-Depth Tutorial (10%) – pertains to how-to-videos about the software and their “Why’s”
  8. Site Rank Accuracy (10%)- indicates how your published article is ranked in Google or otherwise
  9. Cost (10%) – sometimes this alone becomes the decision-making factor.

How Does The Comparison Work?

There may be other aspects that may have been included in the criteria, but I think if you’re deciding on which keyword tool to purchase right now, these criteria are the most fundamental ones to watch out for.

If you’ll notice, the meat of keyword researching has a total weight of 30% (Keyword Research + In-Depth Competitor Analysis). Your experience here should already dictate which of them can be used for the long haul.

After all, if you’re seriously considering blogging, affiliate marketing or internet marketing as a long-term plan, you MUST have a tool to research keywords for your next contents or domains.

What I’ll do here is to go through each of the criterion to give you an initial overview why I’m rating each accordingly.

At the end of my assessment, I’ll again show you the table with the tabulated scores. My ratings will be from 1 to 5, with five being the highest. I’ll only use 0.5 for really tough choices. It will then be multiplied by the weight of the corresponding criteria.Diving into the waters of Long Tail Pro and Jaaxy

Then, the total score shall be declared the winning piece of keyword research software.

So if you’ll notice, I’m trying to be as objective as possible. I may have hits and misses here and there in this process, but it should be close to a very objective comparison. After all, I love both tools.

I’ll leave the rest to you to decide.

So if you’re fine with the criteria and on the manner as to which I’m comparing both Keyword Research tools… let’s dive in!

The 9 Comparisons That Should Give You The Best Value

(1) Keyword Research – In Jaaxy, you can just type in your desired keyword then click “Find Keywords”.  You’ll then have your results after about 5 sec.

In Long Tail Pro, sometimes it’s confusing. Once you’ve searched for the keyword already, it’ll display that keyword below your recent (but new) keyword. If you’ll just drag the bar at the right, it’ll be pushed back down. You have to click that keyword again so as to make it the most recent.

In Jaaxy, if you’ll see a green KQI with a really low QSR, say, below 20 or 30, it’s a good keyword to use. anything that’s below 300 is ok. You’ll just have a green KQI when it’s a great keyword. For keywords that are OK (but not great), you’ll have yellow KQIs.

As an example, take a look at the image below. Both tools have indicators – Jaaxy’s KQI and QSR and Long Tail Pro’s Ave. Keyword Competitiveness.

In this case, Jaaxy says it’s 169, which is below 300, thus it’s ok to use. It’s not that great, but it’s ok. But because of the color coding, it simplifies the keyword research itself.

LTP’s Ave. Keyword Competitiveness indicates a 29 (anything that’s below 30 in LTP’s Ave. KC is a great keyword). It’s just recent though that LTP changed its plan and pricing. They simplified it to Monthly and Annual.

Prior to that, I purchased the software for $97 with a Platinum upgrade option which was $17/month. I didn’t go with the Platinum thus I didn’t have the Ave. KC functionality. But since I upgraded to Platinum recently, I do have that option now.

So as far as ease of use is concerned under the Keyword Research criteria, my vote goes to Jaaxy.

Long Tail Pro vs Jaaxy on Powtoon Review keyword


For the accuracy of the research though, I can’t tell which is consistently winning. I do tend to validate my findings in Jaaxy in Long Tail Pro though (maybe because I’ve been using it for more than a year already).

In this particular case, I shouldn’t be using the KQIs that are yellow. But since I want to test the Powtoon Review keyword as part of my case study, I still used it. In contrast, LTP says it’s a go because it’s under 30.

Wanna know where my article stands right now after publishing it 3 weeks ago?

I’ll show it in Site Rank Accuracy category later..

I also tried to check “animated easter greeting” as a keyword.

On Jaaxy…

Animated Easter Greeting Keyword on Jaaxy


Animated Easter Greeting keyword in LTP

See the difference?

Should I write an article based on these findings? Maybe. Maybe not.

I’ll keep on doing this and after writing articles on them, I’ll compare the results and will update this post accordingly.


(2) In-Depth Competitor Analysis – Jaaxy did everything in the backend to come up with a recommendation. That’s why you’ll have a Green, Yellow or Red on the KQI. If you’ll compare the competitors though, you need to go through each line (in Pro account) to analyze the competitors. Do refer to the image below in Jaaxy.

In-depth competitor analysis on Jaaxy


In Long Tail Pro, you just have to check on the Page Authority (if there are at least 2 that are less than 30), have low Juice Links under 30, a few sites less than a year old, no more than 1 or 2 root domains, Keyword Competitiveness of 30 or less, etc. Below image is LTP’s.

Powtoon Review LTP analysis


I think it’s really important who’s ranking on your desired keyword. And since it seems it’s more in-depth to do analysis at the competition by just keying in a keyword in LTP, I’m giving Long Tail Pro the edge.

(3) Support – It’s really important to talk to someone who can help you once you’ve hit a dead end especially if you’re a paying member.

Jaaxy doesn’t have a support crew.

You do have an unfair advantage though if you’re a Wealthy Affiliate member since the owners of Jaaxy are the same owners of Wealthy Affiliate.

The community can support you anytime you need. If you’re not a Wealthy Affiliate member though, I’m not sure how to maximize the support. For almost 3 months though that I’m using Jaaxy, I didn’t need a support or a ticket.

Again, it’s that easy to use.Long Tail Pro Support Group

In Long Tail Pro, you can create tickets anytime.

I’ve been in constant contact with their support staff and Ms Stuti was always there to enlighten me.

They also have a Facebook Closed Group that they created for the Platinum members. Listening to the VIP members though, it seems there are a great number of complaints and recommendations. One recommendation was the ease of use in grouping keywords, where Jaaxy already has.

Nevertheless, since this is a criteria about support, I should give LTP a higher rating. Everyone, especially the new members, can create tickets and voice out.


(4) Speed – Sometimes it’s quite frustrating to own a software that’s cool in functionality and displays only to be annoyed with speed limitations.

I tried the keyword “explainer video animations” in Jaaxy.

Keyword reserached: animated explainer videos

Total speed of search: 5.9 sec.

The same keyword is added in Long Tail Pro.

Keyword Researched in LTP: animated explainer videos

Total Search: 1:05… and not complete yet.

Sometimes it takes 2 min and sometimes it’s less than a minute. Probably because of the analysis that it does on the competition.

Regardless, since this is about speed, I’m giving it to Jaaxy.


(5) Mobility – Have you ever experienced thinking of a keyword while sipping your favorite coffee, watching a TV show or on a queue waiting to be boarded on a plane? Would it be great if something at that instant can help you analyze and probably save some keywords on your thoughts?

I do that normally with Jaaxy. Alhough there’s no app version of the tool, I still forgive them as long as I could fire up some keywords, analyze them and save them in the list (under Saved Lists) using nothing but my phone at any point in time.

Since LTP is a downloaded software for laptops or desktops, it’s not that mobile. In fact, when I raised it in their support system, it was taken as a “great suggestion”. Im looking forward though that it happens.

Clear winer here is Jaaxy.


(6) Export Results – Although you need only a handful of keywords to fill in your blog with great articles, a thousand and one ideas can be a good advantage. It can either give you more and more reasons to produce great contents or you can create products that have something to do with keyword research. Pack 10,000 keywords on dozens of niches and you can create a product worth $29 or $299, depending on how you package them.

That’s the power of exported keywords that have been neatly organized.

This is how it’s painted in Jaaxy.

Exporting keywords in Jaaxy


That means you have a choice to export them either in CSV or TXT files. If you intend to package them, you can have both formats which will come in handy for your targeted customers. Each of those keywords is also saved in certain folders.

In the case of  “animated explainer videos” in the Speed category’s related image, it is grouped under Animation folder. It also has a green “L” which means it’s in your Saved List.

It will then ask you if you want to export Keywords Only or ALL Data (Monthly Searches, Estimated Traffic, QSR and SEP Power).

On the other hand, this is how it looks like in Long Tail Pro.

If you click that encircled image at the top right, it’ll be saved under a .csv format in your hard drive. It’ll show all of the keywords that you’ve researched under your created project (in this case, I named it Toonblogger).

Long Tail Pro export results

It shows the Suggested Bid, Local Searches and the rest of those info at the topmost in the exported csv file. In this category, Jaaxy has the upper hand because it comes in CSV and TXT files.


(7) In-Depth Tutorial – Because the Long Tail Pro University access is already included in the new pricing scheme, in-depth tutorials about keyword research in general as well as tips and techniques on how to do keyword research better, can already be accessed by LTP members. There are 17 lessons, an introduction, a bonus video on Live Examples of Good and Bad Keywords and a bonus webinar on Live Recordings of Advanced Tactics & Q&A in the LTP University.

For those who didn’t upgrade to Platinum though, they have to pay $197. If I don’t renew my monthly membership, my access to LTP University will correspondingly be cut.

Jaaxy’s tutorial can be found in the main site. There’s a Training menu that has 4 videos of about 20 min each (Jaaxy Keyword Research and Management, Jaaxy Website Research and Analysis, Niche Research Refinement and The Affiliate Program Walkthrough). On top of that, there’s a free 1-hour webinar for Premium Wealthy Affiliate Members called “Using Jaxxy Like A Keyword Research Ninja“.

In this category, I have to give my Kudos to Long Tail Pro.


(8) Site Rank Accuracy – Jaaxy calls it Site Rank while Long Tail Pro calls it Rank Checker. What they do are basically the same – to check where your article stands in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) after hitting the Publish button.

This should also answer the question on Keyword Research earlier – where does “Powtoon Review” stand today.

This is the result of Jaaxy – it shows your position, page date and how it looks like in Google. You can just click the Search button to refresh it at any point in time. If it’s too far (in Jaaxy, if it’s more than 20 pages), it would just say No Results Found.

Jaaxy's Site Rank result on Powtoon Review keyword


And this is Long Tail Pro’s. Though it has Yahoo and Bing, it only shows the position. Nothing else. At this time of screen capture, there was again a delay, thus the position under Yahoo wasn’t displayed. It’ll also say 500+ in Google if your article is beyond 50 pages.

Long Tail Pro Rank Checker result on Powtoon Review keyword

Which of them do you like the most?


The good thing about Rank Checker or Site Rank is that you can lay out your plan of actions when your article isn’t ranking. You can do massive traffic building techniques, social media sharing and the like so as to have your articles seen, commented, liked, shared, pinned, etc. This will definitely help in boosting your articles’ rankings.

In this case though, I broke the tie by giving the edge to Jaaxy since 65% of the searches are actually done in Google. And it gives you finer details on the results.


(9) Cost – Instead of detailing it one by one, here’s a cost comparison of Long Tail Pro vs Jaaxy in 60 sec.


Long Tail Pro vs Jaaxy: Which Has My Vote?

I can actually give my vote to both keyword research tools. However, since I have to choose between the two of them, I must pick one. Both are not perfect, thus this is how I rated them.

Comparison results of Jaaxy vs Long Tail Pro

Yes, it was almost a tie.

If you’ll ask me if I’ll keep both software, I should pragmatically respond, “I have to let go of the other soon“.

And this should already give you a hint that I may no longer renew my Long Tail Pro Platinum membership and continue my Jaaxy Pro plan. I may upgrade to the Annual Plan soon just to save a few dollars.

After all, I belong to the old pricing of the LTP where I paid $97. That means I have a lifetime license on the software and are free of any upgrade that usually comes at least once a month.

Thus, instead of paying an additional monthly fee of $27 for Long Tail Pro, I’ll just continue my Jaaxy Pro for $19.

…And I get to keep the “better” of both worlds…

Nevertheless, I hope this gave you a better, if not the best, value in your decision making.

Meanwhile, you may head on the to main pages of Jaaxy and Long Tail Pro as displayed below to get a feel of how they really look like in the real world.


Long Tail Pro main page


Jaaxy main page


I highly recommend that you try 30 keywords for FREE in Jaaxy and experience everything that I mentioned above. It’ll also be more beneficial to try Jaaxy if you were able to acquire Long Tail Pro using the old pricing scheme. You’ll get to experience the major difference.


And thanks for your patience in reaching this far. I do appreciate your comments or recommendations to make this comparison even more remarkable.


Update for Long Tail Pro for 2017.

At the later part of 2016, September 28 to be exact, Long Tail Pro updated its product and called it Long Tail Pro Cloud or Long Tail Platinum (Cloud version).

The previous owner, Spencer Haws (he still has 20% stake on the product), had written an introduction about Long Tail Pro Cloud here.

Check out my detailed review on Long Tail Pro Cloud since they are no longer promoting the previous Long Tail Pro.

  • Ray says:

    Hi Jojo, thanks for the great in-depth comparison between Long Tail Pro and Jaaxy. I’ve used both myself and I didn’t like LTP at all…. Maybe it was my Mac but the software constantly froze, I had to force quit and restart it.

    And as you say in your review, it was the time it took to search. Long Tail Pro took quite long. But now I’ve read your review there are some fairly good points then, I should have tried it a bit longer. (I uninstalled it before my free trial period ended)

    So I’m a Jaaxy lover and I’d recommend it to anyone. Thanks again for the great article.

    • Jojo says:

      Hi Ray!

      At least I’m not alone. I’m a Mac user too and initially thought that the software doesn’t work optimally in Mac. But I don’t have sufficient data to back that up that’s why I didn’t include it in my comparison.

      Generating hundreds or thousands of seed keywords is also an advantage for LTP but I thought I’d include it in an in-depth review of the software in the coming posts.

      Thanks again for dropping by.



  • Mijareze says:

    I read your post titled, “9 Comparisons On Long Tail Pro Vs. Jaaxy…” I know that Jaaxy works because I have used it to get 30 searches. I find your comparison a little confusing for me because there is just too much information presented within this post. I use the free Keyword Tool that WA offers and I find it to be a great tool. I wish it also offered a website rank like Jaaxy but it doesn’t. The Keyword Tool is free though, so it will have to do.
    Edward Mijarez

    • Jojo says:

      Hi Edward!

      I’d agree that it may seem confusing especially if you haven’t tried another keyword tool like Long Tail Pro.

      As members of WA, it’s indeed a privilege to have a free keyword tool. It is sufficient to some. I used it as well, but since I didn’t want to redo the captcha after every 6 searches, I went for Jaaxy. There are a couple of other reasons why I also upgraded to Jaaxy – Site Rank and the ease of KQI.

      For non-members of Wealthy Affiliate though, this can be somehow an eye-opener.

      At least that’s how I thought so.

      Thanks for dropping by Ed!


  • Roger Humbke says:

    Thanks for doing all the research!

    • Jojo says:

      You’re welcome Roger!

      I’ll be doing further deep dive on each in the coming weeks. Do check them back.



  • Dylan says:

    Hey this is a great website. Keywords are so important and you if want to be decent with them you need a good keyword tool.

    I like the review you have here and they both seem like excellent products. I like how Jaaxy works and looks. It makes it look really easy and seems it givers really great data and choices.

    Thanks for the review!

    • Jojo says:

      Thanks Dylan!

      As briefly mentioned, I can give my vote either way but as of now it seems that those who don’t have either of the software right now can quickly decide based on the given categories.

      Thanks again for dropping by.



  • Jovo says:

    This is a really great analysis. Pity I did not have it some time ago when I posted one text about Jaaxy on Reddit. There was some reply that Long Tail Pro was better. I said I could not comment as I was not familiar with it.

    But back to your analysis. The score may depend on your choice of percentage for different criteria, so the result can easily be different. I think the price is a strong argument for LPT; so Jaaxy is indeed expensive. Thank you.

    • Jojo says:

      Hi Jovo!

      I think that’s what we all get for all the ease of use, functionality and information from Jaaxy. But since it’s a tool and a must in the online world, it should be considered as something that we can’t live without (whether it’s Jaaxy or Long Tail Pro).

      But yes, Jaaxy will come out as much more expensive in the long run. Hope it’ll be covered by our online income too.

      Thanks for dropping by!



  • Shashinth says:

    Hi Jojo,
    Thanks for the great in-depth comparison between Long Tail Pro and Jaaxy. The video looks cool too!

    I have used Jaaxy and I like it very much. I like the user friendly interface of the overall website. I think it’s a best value for money product. But it’s good to know about the LTP too.


    • Jojo says:

      Hi Shashinth!

      Thanks for taking time to drop by. I’m glad it gave you some value and a bit of info-tainment on the side. It’s actually there to break some boring words and give you some cool information ahead.

      Have a great journey ahead!


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