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animated explainer videos can include images as well

My First Animated Explainer Video Production Wins In A Summit

My name is Jojo. And I’m not an animator…


I'm not an animator


Ok. Let me blow it up a bit…

By profession, I’m an engineer. I’ve been serving a wonderful telecommunications company for more than 2 decades now as a regional operations head (and is still rockin’ n rollin’)!

However I also love bringing awesomeness to some wordy contents so my viewers (and yours) could engage more significantly.

So Why Animation?

To better understand how I came about this, let me share to you this engaging animated explainer video production. It’s a 49-sec snippet of how I discovered this special skill in the field of explainer videos (I’m continuously working on it but I’ve proven one thing – there’s no such thing as too late!).



But there was one problem. I spent around $260 for a Business account in Powtoon and the presentation drama in Crimson hotel was over. Though the license was good for 12 months, I couldn’t see any reason how I could recuperate from the financial burden that I carried personally.


The Animated Explainer Video Production Awesomeness Started Here 

Thus, I tried to put out my Powtoon animated explainer video production skill online using my own non-native English speaking voiceover (probably there was a bit of humor in that combination). One order came within the week of putting it online. Another one came after a few days. Then another… and another…

With the inquiries and demands that I received conflicting my schedules at work, I turned on the Vacation Mode in Fiverr for 6 weeks and tried to slow down a bit. However, after a couple of weeks since I turned off that mode, orders again piled up.

So far, I received close to a hundred requests and created about half of them. They ranged from 30 sec. to 5min videos and delighted everyone of them. In fact, I didn’t know that I was already dominating 6% of the world (sounds cool too!).

Animated explainer video production made me dominate 6% of the world


Unleashing The Animal In Me!

The best part of that simple story is that I was able to unleash a different animal in me – an explainer video animator!

Having additional income stream online by animating other people’s thoughts and ideas is probably one of the coolest things to happen in me lately.

And since I’m also passively earning a few hundred dollars every few weeks due to some online endeavors that I’ve done in the past, I then thought of marrying both passion – animated explainer video and blogging!

Then The Toon Blogger was born…

Marrying blogging and animating could be something interesting regardless of niche (at least with reference to the inquiries and orders that I’ve had then). In this case, I’d be talking generally about internet business and life related to it but with a little twist. Every post or page here will have some forms of animated explainer videos.


…That Would Bring To Your Takeaways

Ok. So much about me…animated explainer videos can include images as well

What if I could also help you unleash that animal in you? If you are a business owner, a working mom, a student, a regular employee or an executive of a small or large company, needing a spark or an introduction for your website or next presentation, then you can pick up a lesson or two here (don’t worry about the mignons for now).

There are a couple of things that I can at least do here. I can share animated explainer video production tips and recommendations through my comprehensive reviews on the animated explainer video providers and give you some free tips and insights on how to get better and creative in this animation space.

You don’t have to be an animator. Remember, I am not an animator myself.

By doing so, I hope I can be of optimum value to you and your friends and colleagues who love animations and are motivated to help others with their animated explainer video new-found skills.

And if I can entertain, inform, influence and inspire you in one or multiple instances, then my mission’s well served.

It may take time for me to create an article or a post (about a week or two per article depending on how long the animation is), but I assure you I’ll give my full attention to it with you at the back of my mind.

Just keep in touch through my Contact Form, Social Media and the Comment section of each post. Ok?



Toon blogger