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What is a PLR? The Ultimate Guide

What is a PLR? The Ultimate Guide Of Those Who Hate To Write

Many times in recent years, I had asked around online and offline what a PLR really is.

I was so curious how it could help my occasional dilemma in writing that I had to hop through a lot of PLR sites just to get some answers.

In the first place, I’m not a writer.

While I’d be glad to see how my initial thoughts on certain topics would turn out after I publish a post, but I’m far from being one.

Secondly, whenever ideas would pop up, I’d run out of steam in the middle always postponing my publishing date.

And thirdly, I don’t have that luxury of time. I still have this regular day job that I could only focus on writing during weekends and on my favorite time of the day – dawn!

So What Is a PLR?

To better explain it, let me give you our brick and mortar business example.

When I was assigned in another region to head an operations, I left my family behind.

Although work was cool, I also had to look at how my wife was doing in terms of work.

At that time, I couldn’t bare to see her (and my mom) experiment on the strong chemicals of detergent just to sell a few packs of detergent powder.

So I went looking for factories in Manila, asked around, kept praying and lo and behold, I found one.

Well, at first I found the wrong one. It didn’t give us a sustainable business as it was packaged unprofessionally.

When I finally found this other factory, which was still starting at that time but definitely a good fit for us, I grabbed the opportunity to talk to the owner and started a few products.

We repackaged some of the products but some of them stayed generic so other retailers can also sell them with a few profits.

After a few years, we became a strong wholesaler of generic and branded products (some of them were under our brand) in our area. And because of that, we also established laundry businesses, which after 6 years, rose to 7 branches.

PLR is the acronym for the term Private Label Rights.

The term describes the industry that creates and sells content with permission for people to use as their own. The author or creator of the work sells the rights to use the intellectual material in ways laid out in the terms of the purchase agreement.

Just like our detergent business where we provide cleaning materials to carwash, laundry businesses and hotels with zero to minimal effort in manufacturing, PLR allows online and other business owners to provide valuable content to their customers with very little effort.

What is the Difference between PLR, MRR and RR?

Before digging any further to answer anybody who was like me in previous years asking ‘what is a PLR?’, let’s also define what Master Resell Rights (MRR) and Resell Rights (RR) are.

Let me go back to my ever-reliable brick and mortar business example to attempt a clear analogy.

After a few years of operating our business, my wife talked to another factory.

This time, the products were sealed and branded.

We needed to have those products because some customers, especially the household moms, would prefer seeing a sealed, branded product that were less expensive than the supermarket but equally, if not, more effective in cleaning.

That was a hard search actually.

But since we found one, we were able to sell the products both to households and to retailers who were selling the products as they were.

We did not alter the products in any way.

RR products are the same.

The owners or creators would give us the licences to resell the products as they are and we’re not allowed to alter any of those products.

In MRR products however, the owners would give that master license to anybody who plans to resell those products.

That means both MRR and RR products have limitations because you cannot do anything with the products but sell them.

In PLR, you can do anything with the products.

PLR takes many forms. PLR can be:

  • Blog posts
  • Emails
  • eBooks
  • Courses
  • Software
  • Templates
  • Journals
  • And more

Each piece of content is written/created in a general way, sticking to a theme or niche which can be used to target and attract clients and customers or to provide continuous information to engage your audience and keep their interest – something very important for keeping businesses top of mind.

Moreover, PLR products may have MRR or RR, depending on how the owners have defined the licenses.

Always read the licenses of those PLR products that you’re purchasing. Normally, they state it clearly on what you can and cannot do on a certain product.

Example of Rights Granted below:

What you can do and can’t do in PLR contents

What you CAN DO with it.

  • [YES] Can be edited completely and your name put on it.
  • [YES] Can be used as web content.
  • [YES] Can be broken down into smaller articles.
  • [YES] Can be added to an eCourse or autoresponder as content.
  • [YES] Can be added to an eBook/PDF as content.
  • [YES] Can be given away.
  • [YES] Can be packaged.
  • [YES] Can be offered as a bonus.
  • [YES] Can be added to free membership sites.
  • [YES] Can be added to paid membership sites
  • [YES] Claim full authorship.
  • [YES] Added to paid membership sites.
  • [YES] Added to free membership sites.
  • [YES] Can be broken down into articles.
  • [YES] Can be packaged with other products.
  • [YES] Offered as free bonus.
  • [YES] Given away for free.

What you CAN’T DO with it

  • [NO] Can be submitted to article directories.
  • [NO] Can be use in Kindle books
  • [NO] Can sell with PLR Rights
  • [NO] Can offer Master Resell Rights
  • [NO] Can be offered through auction sites

Why Use a PLR?

You may want to consider using PLR simply because you don’t have all the time to create contents. It saves time, money and energy especially in coming up with the critical points of a topic.

Besides, a PLR is…

Affordable: Many large companies have staff who create their contents. These staffers do the research and write as employees of the business.

Their material is the property of the business and the writers are paid hourly or salary for their time at work. It would be cost-prohibitive for most small businesses to hire a writer to create unique content, which oftentimes leaves the writing to the business owner. Since a lot of the copy is used as “Freemiums” or given away, it isn’t necessarily a money-making task.

Buying PLR is an affordable way to get great content written for your audience without having to pay for a writer or taking the time to write it yourself.

Plentiful: There are many ways to buy PLR. Some PLR is exclusive, which means fewer copies are sold.

This means the content is less likely to be widespread. This PLR may be more expensive, but it can be a wise choice for certain items like eBooks or challenges.

Other PLR is sold in larger quantities, which reduces the price point and makes buying PLR an easy yes for your budget. There are multiple places to source PLRs. A simple search for providers will yield lots of results.

You can check the list of providers here.

Customizable: PLR is formatted in ways that allow it to be changed. From adding your branding to literally changing the copy, PLR can be modified to truly represent your voice and your message. In some cases, you can hire a virtual assistant to help you modify your content for far less than having new and individual content created. In the moments it takes to brand your PLR and upload it to your site, you can reach your tribe and add value to their lives.

Engaging: A Good PLR has engaging content that encourages your audience to reach out and connect. From high-quality emails to calls to action in an eBook, great PLRs will have your customers reaching back to you for engagement where you’ll be ready to connect. Remember, these PLR products have been created by different professionals in the industry. Thus, they don’t normally lose steam as they were created per piece of content.

Educational: Strategic use of PLR can educate your audience about what they need in order to work with you or offer collateral information that supports your sales goals. The quality information is useful for your clients and helps make you an expert in your field.

At the very least, they can educate you. You may be an expert on Leadership and Productivity, but other people are more educated and experienced in Law of Attraction or Manifestation. You can increase your skills in those fields while reselling them as your new products.

Highly malleable: The great thing about PLR is that the format allows you to modify it and change it to suit your needs. You can literally do anything you want with the content.

From copy and paste to a full edit, you choose how much of the content is modified. Some PLR users opt to use snippets of the information woven in amongst their own content. They dismantle the PLR and use it in chunks and pieces.

What is a PLR? Private Label Rights Explained.

While I was doing my research, I stumbled upon this video content.

For 4 minutes, you’ll have almost everything you need to know about what a PLR is.


To further your knowledge on what a PLR is and what else it can do for you especially if you’re considering affiliate marketing business, read on.

Pros and Cons of PLRs

Just like any other product, there are pros and cons or advantages and disadvantages of PLRs.

Sometimes it all depends on whose standpoint.


  • Time-saver – because PLRs are done for you products, you don’t have to dig on your thoughts harder than when it’s already in fron of you. All you have to do is rewrite some parts of it to imprint your own voice on it.
  • Low Cost – Comparing to ghostwriters or outsourcing or even staffs, PLR products are much more affordable. Sometimes they’re more than 10 times cheaper.
  • SEO-friendly – while each PLR content may not be useful at all especially if there are similar contents out there published before you, SEO kicks in because of your contents – lots of it! So if you can publish a good number of posts, inspired by PLRs or otherwise, and each is related to your niche, that is when the Search Engine bots reward your site with great ranks
  • Reusable Images – Some PLRs have images in ebooks or have separate folders for images. You can use them however you want.
  • Can be used for List building – You can use the the PLR articles or List building articles for your autoresponders as they are since they’ll be limited to your subscribers. Of course it’s still much better if you tweak them a bit
  • Can Be Repurposed – You can repurpose any PLR article to any form – an ebook can be turned into slides, videos, audio for podcasts or even courses, provided they are of topmost quality
  • Done For You – online or offline, there are great PLR products with ready made templates, workbook, cheatsheets, infographics on top of the familiar ebook, video, audio or graphics


  • Plagiarism – Sometimes it’s mistakenly identified as plagiarism if you copy or rip off someone’s work without permission or without quoting the author regardless if it’s done on a full or partial work of that person. While that’s how plagiarism is defined, using PLRs is not simply because they’re licensed.
  • Duplicate Content – If you use a PLR product as it is, you’ll almost always not pass Copyscape. And if you publish it despite the Copyscape score, you’ll end up duplicating a content that was previously published. Although there’s no real penalty to a duplicate content, you’ll never be rewarded by Google a good page rank.
  • Terrible Quality – This is where you have to be selective of PLR websies and PLR products. You have to download those freebies so you’ll get a glimpse of how they look like. While there are indeed terribly written contents, there are great ones that you’ll be proud of.
  • Outdated – Some PLR products are still from 2008 or 2009. PLR companies normally don’t take them out from their list because either they were still relevant to some or because they were part of their thousands of listings. For evergreen topics though, like Personal Development PLRs, you can still take advantage of them. Just take the key points and rewrite them.
  • Limited Word Count – Many of the PLR articles, whether they’re free of premium, only have about 400-500 words. While they can create articles, they just are not enough. Most likely, you’ll need more than 2 or 3 of those PLR articles to create a great post.

Who Benefits PLR’s The Most?

A PLR can mean a lot of things to someone regardless if he or she is a

  • Public Speaking Expert
  • Affiliate Marketer
  • Corporate Leader
  • Business Coach
  • Entrepreneur
  • Professionals
  • Fitness Coach
  • Sports Coach
  • Life Coach
  • Presenter
  • Students
  • Teacher
  • Blogger
  • Vlogger
  • Trainer

Let me cite a couple of examples of how they can benefit on PLR products.

If you’re a business or life coach who has been doing 1 on 1’s or classroom-type training for years but have somehow taken their toll on your body and are thinking of scaling it up, certain PLR Done-For-You courses are applicable to you.

What if a PLR company can do this for you?

Done-For-You course at Piggy Makes Bank

  • 4 Course Lessons (30 pages, 7703 words)
  • Course Workbook with Worksheets, Exercises, and Checklists: “How to Create a Profitable Course”
  • Facebook Livestream Theme Script
  • Facebook Livestream Launch Copy
  • Sales Page Copy to Help You Sell Your Course
  • 10 Social Media Posts to Promote Your Course on Facebook & Twitter
  • 5 Blog Posts to Promote Your Course
  • 5 Email Templates to Make Promoting Your Livestream & Course a Breeze

This Done-For-You Course is a complete package created by Piggy Makes Bank for busy coaches/blogger like you. All you have to do is practice it and run the course even on a weekend.

Let’s also revisit the life of an Affiliate Marketer, specializing in Spirituality/New Age/Alternative Beliefs niche.

Let’s say he picks the Manifestation Niche.

Clickbank lists a number of strong products about Law of Attraction and Manifestation but don’t have enough blog posts, social media materials and the like in each of those products.

By using PLR contents, he will be able to talk about the topics further making him as a subject matter expert. He can either tweak each pre-written content or simply use them as they are. But the best option is to have a hybrid of sort – PLR-inspired contents and PLR contents!

The real key is quantity.

Just imagine a niche with 20, 30 or a hundred contents about, in this case, manifestation.

It is good for long term business.

If his purpose is to just profit from affiliate marketing and if he’s doing it alone without any help even from PLR articles, he will eventually dump it and give up.

He does have choices to outsource each post to real writers or ghostwriters or he can just purchase PLR packs of the same topic and make them as freebies, posts, mini-workshops, videos, etc.

If his site is seen by the bots of the big G with multimedia contents and consistent about manifestation and affirmation, guess what, some of his posts may even land on rank 1.

So instead of spending thousands of dollars in FB ads to attract visitors to his site, he can have thousands of organic visitors devouring his contents day in and day out after at least 6 months.

While the new PLR websites don’t have these topics, IDPLR has listed a number of these from the past. If you can relate with the above guy, then probably you don’t want to miss the show. Just search for “Manifestation” or “Affirmation” and you’ll have your ready-made contents.

Where To Source Out PLR Contents

Pre-written contents with corresponding licenses can be found on PLR websites.

While I’ve named a couple above, there are actually hundreds of them.

The real question is how to detect if those PLR websites have quality products or otherwise.

Honestly, it’s quite difficult to judge a site by just looking at it.

But since I’ve been through many of the sites then and now, I could almost always distinguish which of them are great sources of your inspiration.

You may want to check out the awesome PLR providers that still thrive in 2020 here even before deciding who you should be sticking with for quite a while.

I’ve listed a hundred and one of them, but I also have mentioned my 20 favorite ones.

Final Thoughs…

Depending on your niche (Business and Marketing, Self-Help, Food and Beverage, Faith, etc.), you must be able to find at least a couple of PLR content providers that can continuously supply you with good contents whether through my list or by simply googling it.

The key is to stick to your favorite providers so you’ll have a semblance of consistency even if you’ll put your voice on it.

That’s why it’s recommended to have at least two or three providers so you won’t run out of contents.

I use at least 5 of them just to draw out those inspirations.

So if you hate writing or you even if you can but the time to do the research and pre-work aren’t ideal, then it’s probably wiser to reconsider what a PLR can really do for you.

Now’s probably the time.